Why do Businesses Buy Twitter Retweets?

Businesses need their Twitter accounts, and they need them to be popular and retweeted often. With all of the time, planning, and effort put into Twitter by businesses it’s no wonder so many of them put a little extra into them and buy Twitter retweets. Let’s look at the reason why business buy Twitter retweets so you’ll know why, and when, to do it for your own Twitter account.

The direct benefits when businesses buy Twitter retweets

The direct effects are those which are visible on your Twitter account almost immediately:

  • An increase in reach: With the purchase of retweets you expand your horizon as your tweets are sent to an ever-expanding audience. That expansion continues to grow as the tweets continue to be propagated by organic retweets that will eventually take over.
  • A greater chance of raising attention: The more times your retweets are propagated the greater an opportunity you have to draw attention to your business. This is why you need to make sure that all your tweets are relevant, value-adding, and eye-catching.
  • More people to inform: You don’t have to stop at raising awareness. You can take it further and actually educate people about your business and the services that you have to offer. You can even use topics that are closely related to your business as a topic of information. Check out what Sony Experia has done to introduce their new gadget:

  • A wider market: Once everyone is informed and educated about your business and services, you can turn them into your clients and customers. With the range your retweets have expanded into, you will be able to increase your sales and widen your profit margins – the final goals all business want to achieve.
  • Higher rank on Twitter trends: If you are lucky enough, and buy the right amount of retweets, you could actually get your hashtags to trend on Twitter. Should your hashtags manage to get listed on the left side of Twitter’s home page, you will manage to increase your content’s reach as people start to follow and use your hashtags. This works perfectly if you happen to use a unique set of hashtags that you and your business can be closely identified with.

  • Your tweets attract attention: As your tweets are continuously pushed onwards with retweets you will get them in front of the eyes of people whom you could have never thought you would ever reach out to. This will create exposure and result in attracting attention from people who could directly affect your business. Investors, job seekers, and contractors fall in this category.
  • Greater input or feedback: If you want to stay in business you will need to heed to all your clients’ demands. That includes listening to what they have to say about your products or services. Whether they are good or bad, you should accept these inputs and feedbacks and work on them. Customers appreciate businesses that pay attention to them. Be sure to have a reply one way or another. UEFA had this reply…

…to this tweet that came from a complainant…

  • Saving time and money for your campaign: Using purchased retweets to expand your reach will save you an immense amount of time and energy. While the organic cultivation of retweets is a very effective Twitter marketing tactic, you know well that you will need to immerse yourself completely in the effort. Should you fail, it will be a hard knock. On the contrary, buying retweets is relatively cheap and all the work is done by the service provider. In most cases, all you will need to do is sit back and reap the benefits.

The indirect benefits when businesses buy Twitter retweets

  • Increase in followers: The more people see your tweets, the higher the chance of their being interested in becoming your followers. If they think you are worth it – and they believe you will deliver on their expectations – they will become your followers.
  • More influence on the platform: Twitter is a social media platform where the number of followers you have really matter. As your followers and, hence, the number of people who are interested in what you have say or offer grows, so too does your influence. People on Twitter respect these numbers – especially when they are huge. They will consider you an expert if it is a personal account, and a respected enterprise if it happens to be a business account.

  • Increase in sales: As an indirect result of your Twitter marketing campaign, you can expect an increase in the sales of your goods or services. You can embed links which will lead back to websites that link back to your website, or directly send traffic back to your own sales pages. Either way, the traffic that you lead back to your business’ website can then be converted into sales.
  • More clicks: If your aim is to increase click-through rates, as would be the case in an advertisement campaign, then you will easily achieve your engagement goals as the retweets continue to spread your content and links on Twitter.
  • Social proof: When people see you regularly getting retweets they will start to think that they should retweet you as well. Social proof happens time and again in marketing, and Twitter is a prime example of it working in real time. Learn why social proof works and apply it to your Twitter marketing more often.

Risks involved when businesses buy Twitter retweets

Like all things that are great, there are a few “side-effects” involved when businesses buy Twitter retweets. They are:

A single iteration

While the retweet service business promises you an infinite number of subsequent retweets following their initial retweets, things could turn out differently further down the line. If they sell you retweets from “dead” accounts – ones that are bots or stolen – all you will get is that first initial retweet and then… cue the crickets.

Nothing at all

As you might already know, getting scammed on the Internet is not a new thing. Should you hire the services of a shady retweets provider, you could end up getting scammed. They might simply take your money and run. Unfortunately, it is an occurrence that isn’t too uncommon when doing business online. If someone says this about them, run away:

But, you shouldn’t give up all hope. There are ways you can prevent these “negativities” from happening to you:

Use an established service provider

Opting for legitimate businesses that offer the real deal is always a good idea. Don’t be tempted by the flashy ads of fly-by-night “service providers” who promise you the moon for pennies. When businesses buy Twitter retweets they should always remember that if the deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Practice restraint

Your downfall could still come even when using a proper retweets service provider – if you become a bit too greedy, that is. Your retweets should come at a naturally progressive rate – or as closely as possible as you can get it to be so. An account that had a rate of 5 retweets per tweet on Monday would arouse suspicion if, on Tuesday, all their tweets were re-sent out over 500 times. Use the services with caution and reserve; don’t get too greedy or too obvious:

With all this having been said, the pros will always outweigh the cons when it comes to buying retweets. The conclusion here is that businesses buy Twitter retweets knowing they will always come out on top when it comes to their Twitter marketing campaigns.

Businesses buy Twitter retweets – so should you

You can go ahead and buy your retweets because you will end up winning in the social media marketing game. Just remember the points we have seen:

  • Buying retweets will allow you to reach out on a global scale
  • You increase your number of followers, keep people informed, and gain the respect which could lead to your becoming an influencer
  • You get more engagement and establish direct contact with your fans and followers
  • Your bought retweets will lead to organic retweets that will eventually legitimize your purchase
  • Finally, you will realize your ultimate goal: an increase in sales and profits

If you have been hesitating to go out and get your Twitter retweets, you can now go ahead as you too know the advantages. Other businesses buy Twitter retweets – you should too, because you now know why they do it.