What your Tweet Analytics Will Tell you About your Failing Engagement Rates

Every Twitter campaign needs to have its results measured as there is no point in launching a “blind” campaign. You always need to have a measurement process in place to gauge your success or failure rate. Doing this accurately will involve understanding tweet analytics.

Tweet analytics can tell you when you are failing

Although you may not want to hear it, your tweet analytics will serve as good indicators of your failing engagement rates. You can find all the information you will ever need to know about how bad you are doing in regards to:

  • Number of followers: This number needs to grow as Twitter is all about social proof.
  • Number of impressions: The number of people who have seen your tweets.
  • Engagement rates: The number of retweets, likes, favorites, and replies your tweets have.
  • Profile visits: Are people visiting your account? Found out, and see if your follow/visit ratio is bad.

Always keep an eye on these metrics as they will tell you all you need to know about why no one interacts with you.


How do you fix falling Twitter follower numbers?

The best way to address this issue it to have a look at your content. Find out what you are doing wrong. Try to:

  • Send out relevant content: Your content should always be something your followers will want to read about. Every single time they see your tweet, it should be about a subject they are following you for. You may send some tweets on closely related topics, but don’t do it too often until you have a pulse on what it is exactly they want to read. Sole Collector sticks to sneaker news to keep their followers, and potential followers, happy:

  • Add media: While words may be enough to convey your message, media will increase the chances of their being read and engaged with. Find interesting images, GIFs, and videos that will pique your audience’s curiosity. A single photo can increase your retweets by 35%, offering you many more chances to ear followers.
  • Use links: If you really want to draw your followers and readers in, send them back to your blog content or the products page on your website. Include links in your tweets along with an enticing description of what they can expect on the other end.
  • Enhance visibility with Twitter Cards: The social media platform has one great feature that will make your tweets stand out. Twitter Cards enhance the visibility of your tweets’ content. They look much more attractive and very professional. Make use of them as often as you can. Here’s an example of a Twitter Card; you can even follow the link to find out more about this great feature:

  • Reuse content: Study your tweet analytics to find what kind of content, or which of your tweets, received the most engagement. If their message still stands and the topic is relevant, think about how you can resend them without appearing to be spamming your followers. There is always a chance that some of them might not have seen them.

The points mentioned above should help turn around the failing charts on your tweet analytics dashboard.

No change in audience numbers

If you don’t see an increase in audience numbers, it could be all about the bad timing of your tweets. Let’s see how you can tackle the problem:

  • Send tweets out when most people can read them: Your audience will include people from all over the world. As one part of the world is waking up, people on the opposite side are settling down to bed. If you want to get an optimal amount of readers, you will have to keep track of perfect global times and chase them across time zones. A good tool you can use, along with your tweet analytics, is Tweriod. Once this tool has access to your followers and tweets, you will receive a report with the best times to reach your audiences.
  • Be regular and avoid long silences: Your tweeting momentum should be maintained at all times. Stick to a regular overall schedule and keep sending your tweets out at regular times of the day. The more you stick to a timetable, the better people will be able to keep you at the fore of their thoughts when they think of your content or related topics. That is a great way of cultivating a loyal following. Let people know when you’ll be back with a new tweet to keep them intrigued:

  • Use schedulers: If you need to send tweets out during your “off times,” you can make use of Twitter schedulers. These apps will make sure you don’t miss out on sending your tweets at the appropriate times even if you are not around.

Perfect timing and continuity will help you reel in, not just an increasing number of followers, but ones that will stick with you for the foreseeable future.

Uninterested audience

One great and free tweet analytics tool you should be using is Twitter’s own native Twitter Analytics. Have a look at the “Audiences” tab in the tool. It will show you the demographics of your followers. Play around with the tabs and filters to familiarize yourself with how to mine the abundant data it has to offer. You will be able to get information on things like your followers’ gender, location, and interests.

With such information available you should now be able to come up with content that will grab their attention and which will encourage them to engage with you. Here’s a screenshot of what you can expect:Tweet Analytics toolDetached tweets

If no one is picking up on your tweets with their likes and retweets, then you could be “out of sync” with your followers. What might have been a great tweeter-follower relationship could have unraveled over time. If that should be the case, here are a few tips to help you get things back to the way it used to be:

  • Try tweeting about current events: Most people come to Twitter, and not other social media platforms, because all its content is available in real time. This means there is a higher percentage of people looking for current updates on this platform than on any other platform. Rein in this need for currency by tweeting about the latest happenings in your field or business.

  • On holidays, try cheerful seasonal messages: From Valentine’s Day to Christmas and New Year’s, there are always holidays and national events when people will be searching for some seasonal cheers. Connect with your followers by sending out best wishes and spreading general cheerfulness to make people happy. If your tweets are good, you can bet they will be liked and shared often.
  • People love inspirational quotes – tweet them: We all like reading “pick-me-up” quotes that help us get through tough times. They encourage us to take the next step when we can’t even find the energy to stand up. We read them to find answers to problems that have been weighing us down. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this need and send out inspiring tweets that could also help raise your Twitter profile?

  • Use Twitter trends: Go down the trending hashtags list on Twitter and see if you can find one that you too can get on board with. If you can’t find one that directly relates to your business or topic of choice, “piggyback” on a closely related one to reach your audience with the hopes that your content will be good enough to draw their engagement. You can get quality help by buying Twitter followers to increase your social proof and online presence in general. The boost in numbers that follows your purchase will impress your followers enough to goad them into engagement.

The point you need to focus on here is that you shouldn’t just sit back and let your followers do all the reaching-out for you. You are the one that needs to do the reaching-out – in every possible way that is available.

Find what your top content is

Use your tweet analytics to find what your most popular content is and push on ahead with  it. These usually include:

  • Your professional advice: Highly trained professionals like doctors and lawyers can actually help people on a massive scale by dispensing life-changing advice. Their words can actually stop people from getting hurt or worse fates. If you are one such professional, then it becomes your duty to start tweeting right now.
  • Tips and pointers: The Internet is where we all turn to when looking for tips and pointers on how to do almost anything. If you have an expertise that you think people could learn from, then why not share it? You can start a series of tips that will force people to follow you, if they want to keep abreast of it, that is. A career advisor can keep sending out tweets about how to progress up the corporate ladder. You, being social media savvy, can combine both aspects and stand out by offering advice on how to use Twitter to achieve career goals, for example.

  • Influencer-related topics that you too are good at: You can always use influencers to your advantage. Find an influencer in a topic that is closely related to yours. Start by retweeting their their content and sharing their ideas. As their influence grows, you can rest assured that so too will yours – because, it is the same content after all.

Tap deep within yourself and find a unique point that people will want to know and read about. You won’t fail if you can connect on a personal level or reach out with a helping hand.

Cross over to your other content

Don’t stick to just your Twitter content; if you see your blog posts are popular, share them on Twitter. Same goes for Facebook posts and your images on Instagram. Wherever you can, add a “Tweet” button to your content and media files on your other social media platforms. Accompanying them with a call-to-action which offers a “reward” will win you many fans, retweets, and followers.

This tweet has a decent engagement rate, wouldn’t you want to go over to her blog and read the full review?

Use your tweet analytics to increase engagement

Whatever tweet analytics tool you may use to analyze your Twitter performance, know that you can always improve things. Just follow what you have learned so far:

  • Keep an eye on your tweet analytics at all times
  • Any metrics showing unhealthy statistics should be dealt with immediately
  • Push up dwindling follower numbers by using relevant content that people will want to keep reading
  • Use media and other Twitter features to make your tweets more appealing and engaging
  • Be creative with your content and offer to help people – the move will gain you followers
  • Use your tweet analytics tools to find out what content interests your followers and build on, or reuse, it
  • Cross-promote your popular works on other social media platforms by tweeting them

Failure to have a glowing tweet analytics results doesn’t mean you are doomed to fail for good. Tweak your strategy, adopt new ones, and move on with your tweeting. You will soon find yourself at the top again.