What is Twitter Used for Anyway? What’s All This Tweeting About?

There’s been a lot of activity around Twitter lately, thanks to a certain president, that has many wondering what is Twitter used for? Believe it or not, Twitter is not used for announcing major political decisions without congressional approval… And that may be the one thing that it isn’t used for! Keep reading to find out what people are using this important social media platform for.

What is Twitter used for?

Twitter is used for: Making connections

The primary use of Twitter is, just like every other social media platform, connecting people in a social atmosphere. Not only does Twitter allow you to connect with friends, but it also allows you to make connections with famous people. You may get the chance to see what they’re doing from moment to moment, but the chances of them following you back and talking to you… Is minimal.

But perhaps Twitter is… A new hope:

There are two ways which you will make these connections:

  • You can tag other users, using their @username, in the hopes that they will talk back to you. Anyone on the platform is reachable in this manner. She may not reply, but you can tag Katy Perry.

  • You can participate in #hashtag conversations. Hashtags are used in tweets and create links. When you click on these links you can see everyone who has used it in real-time, or the top tweets. You can then connect with anyone using that hashtag by using it yourself, or by replying to them. You can use #allbehappy and it’s like you’re talking to Hugh Jackman… And he is Wolverine!

Those are the basics of what Twitter is used for when you want to connect with people.

When you first start out, connecting with people is hard. Your low number of followers can be a turnoff for anyone who may think about following you. That is why many new users turn to our Twitter Followers Service. They’re able to connect with people much quicker thanks to this number being increased.

Twitter is used for: Real-time information sharing

Perhaps the most important aspect of Twitter’s success is how it lends itself to sharing information and news as it happens. Twitter always explodes when current events take place. It is also a favorite tool for those who are watching award shows, popular TV shows, or sporting events.

The most tweeted about event last year was #Rio2016. You may know it better as the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. It’s not always serious sports talk, here is the most retweeted tweet from the event:

Twitter was tailor-made for current events. The 140 character limit has caused people to talk quickly about what was happening right at the moment. If you want to know what Twitter is used for; It is used for sharing the news going on right now.

When news breaks, it typically becomes a Trending Topic. These are displayed on the right-hand side of Twitter:

what is twitter used for trending topics

The most important information ends up in Twitter Moments. When you have an important piece of news that you want to see at the top of the trending topics chart, you can turn to our Twitter Retweets Service to push it up there. Your important contribution to the conversation will no longer be ignored at the bottom of the discussion.

Twitter is used for: Educating others

Twitter is all about communication, and education is all about communicating information. Education and Twitter are increasingly becoming connected, with teachers doing the following:

  • Real-world problems: Teachers are using Twitter to help their students better understand real world problems. It can open students up to people’s opinions and experiences.
  • Better conversations: Teachers are able to use Twitter to have more authentic conversations with their students. It might be easier for a student to open up about a problem on Twitter instead in the classroom.
  • The new textbook: Teachers are using Twitter as a textbook that does things a textbook would never be able to. You cannot open up any textbook and read the latest news.

For instance, you can find out what’s happening right now about the upcoming solar eclipse.

A teacher can share this with their class, and instruct them to keep updated on the developments.

Twitter is used for: Jokes, jokes, jokes

You cannot underestimate the fact that Twitter is just plain funny. Many hashtags are started purely for people to make funny jokes:

At other times, serious hashtags are used to make jokes as well:

If you’re genuinely funny, you’ll know what Twitter is used for. If you just like to laugh, you will also find out what Twitter is for.

Twitter is used for: Business, business, business

With the huge audience that is on Twitter, it is no surprise that marketers have found their way there. Nearly every type of business is on Twitter. You can find that the beverage wars have extended to Twitter:

Major airlines all have a Twitter account:

I bet that your local pest control business has a Twitter account:

The interesting thing about businesses on Twitter is that they’re more focused on the social aspect than the marketing aspect. Sure, they want to sell some product to you, but you can interact with them in a way that you can’t while watching a TV commercial. The type of content that they share is also more socially oriented.

What is Twitter used for? Everything

Twitter is one of the world’s most diverse social media platforms. People are using it for such a wide range of things that nearly everyone can find something on it they will enjoy. Even if you don’t want to join in on the conversation, you’re free to listen, and be entertained.

Above all else, if you want to know what Twitter is used for, it’s used for fun.