Using Twitter to Attract Customers to your Brick and Mortar Store

Just because you have a brick and mortar store doesn’t mean you need to trade without the backing of digital marketing. Rather, you need to adopt technology and make it work for you. Twitter, being a social media platform, can be used to draw real-life people into your store where they can make purchases. Read on to find out how you can convert followers into paying customers.

Twitter as a brick and mortar store tool

To drive people to your store you will need one major thing: followers, and a lot of them. If you plan to send even a fraction of your followers to your brick and mortar store, you will need to have a substantial number of followers on your Twitter account. Once you have them you can then entice them in the doors with exceptional photos of the products inside your store:

Simply having a large number of followers on your account alone won’t do the trick. A lot of effort needs to go into keeping them engaged and active. You will need to interact with them if you are to gently goad them towards making that trip to your store.

Raise awareness and increase your followers

Your sole purpose on Twitter should be to cultivate the number of followers you have. Initially, you can start off by growing your organic following. Although it takes time and a lot of extra effort, these people will always be your core followers and remain so forever. They will even show their love for you on Twitter:

If you’re having problems driving those initial followers, take advantage of the social proof of buying Twitter Followers from us. Have you ever noticed how the cash register rings more frequently when your store’s full? When your Twitter account is full you will notice more people paying attention to you as well!

Keep the people with engagement

If you want your followers to convert from digital entities into actual customers in your store you will have to learn how to market on Twitter. Let’s explore that:

Create a chatty atmosphere

You are on a social media platform where everyone – including you and your followers – are supposed to be interacting. As the account owner, you are expected to provide the initial tweets which will then be taken up by your followers. Everything you send out needs to be:

  • Current and on-topic
  • Value-adding to your followers’ lives
  • Able to cause a reaction which drives them to share, like, or reply

Play “host” to your followers and provide the “entertainment.” It is your responsibility to liven things up. Even something as simple as showing them a new store can start a chatty conversation:

Introductions help everyone

While the large majority of your followers will be Average Joes, you will eventually have an account that is popular enough to attract some of the most respected of tweeters. Take advantage of these Twitter influencers by specifically engaging them in a targeted way. Every reaction they have to your messages will resonate loudly with their own followers. Draw them in by:

  • Talking about topics they find interesting
  • Commenting on their tweets 
  • Retweeting their tweets
  • Direct messaging them on relevant topics

Put some extra effort into focusing on influencers as the results will be magnified due to their large following numbers.

Reach out to the “lurkers”

Every account has its fair share of followers who do nothing but sit and watch Twitter conversations pass by their screens. They are known as “lurkers.” Don’t instantly give up on these people. With the right handling, a lurker can become your most active fan. You just need to reach out to them by:

  • Keeping your tweets and topics interesting and relevant, they are following you for a reason
  • Tweeting regularly so they always have you on their minds
  • Snooping around to see who they follow and what they like, retweet, and reply to
  • Direct messaging or mentioning them

Try to pull them into your Twitter world by making them feel appreciated and wanted in your conversations. You can’t afford to not try and engage any of your followers. Each one could pass through the doorway of your brick and mortar store.

A good motivational tool to get them to stop lurking, and start walking around your store, is to offer an in-store exclusive via Twitter:

Focus on your brick and mortar store

Once everyone is up for socializing, work your brick and mortar store into the conversation. You can talk about:

  • The history behind your store
  • Customer service success stories
  • Services and products you have to offer
  • Anything interesting going on around your store
  • How easy it is to find your store, including public transportation routes
  • Your staff and how much you appreciate them – maybe even an “Employee of the Month” prize that your followers can vote on

Giving your followers the chance to vote on your employees is also an exceptional time to gain feedback.

This doesn’t have to be complicated. You can simply tweet about the joy of stopping by your warm store after playing in the snow:

Be persistent in your engagement

Once you have built up the tempo, keep it going at a constant pace. No one wants to follow a Twitter account which comes and goes. You should always be there keeping your followers informed and updated.

Convert your followers and make the sale

Look good to your customers

You Twitter profile page should reflect your store’s branding. You need to set up a Twitter business profile which:

  • Shows who you are and what you do
  • Shares consistent images and video would show your products
  • Has clear and direct calls to action

It is only when they see that a clean-cut business is behind the tweets that your followers will trust you enough to do business with you.

Have a tweeting strategy

Don’t just send tweets out for the sake of sticking to a schedule. Each tweet should work towards convincing your followers to step out and come to your brick and mortar store. Adopt a strategy that includes:

  • Updating your clients on new things around your store. This can include new services, the day’s special menu, discounts/sales, etc.
  • Talking about what’s going on in your neighborhood.
  • Using Twitter competitions to make them come to you to pick up their prizes.
  • Organize meet-and-greets, gatherings, meetings, etc. on your premises and invite your followers.

The idea here is to rouse your followers’ curiosity enough to make them want to come to you. Having regular free offers associated with coming into your store is a great way to drive traffic:

Reach out to your customers

Don’t limit yourself to Twitter alone. You can take your handle into the real world where it can get even more exposure. Be creative:

  • Put your Twitter link where everyone can see it. This includes your website, blogs, giveaway items, banners at events, etc.
  • Sponsor a local event and use your handle instead of your business’ name – watch as curiosity get the better of people.
  • Reach out to your potential clients by linking their Twitter actions with in-store purchases (discounts if they show you retweets, take a pic with your products, or share selfies from within your store, etc).

Converting your Twitter followers into actual paying customers requires marketing skills. The most important skill you can develop is the one which drives foot traffic directly from Twitter.

Finally, measure your success

There is no point in launching a Twitter campaign if you’re not going to want to find out whether or not it was all worth it. Gauge how well you have performed by using methods like:

  • Analytics tools to see how far your tweets have reached – keep track of the number of retweets, likes, replies, etc.
  • Watching for an increase in sales following the start of your campaign.
  • Monitoring how high your website traffic, follower numbers, and engagement rates have increased.

In case of negative growth in any area, go back to the drawing board, tweak your campaign, and start all over again. As a matter of fact, expect to restart everything many times over your brick and mortar store’s lifetime. Twitter is constantly evolving. Your marketing plan for your brick-and-mortar store needs to evolve as well.

When measuring your success, don’t forget to thank your followers. You get things started, but they are the people who make you successful on Twitter:

Twitter can support your brick and mortar store

We have seen how Twitter can be used to increase exposure of, and sales in, your brick and mortar store. It can:

  • Create the buzz needed to start the ball rolling
  • Engage followers to keep them interested in you and your services
  • Entice them into your store to make cash purchases
  • Measure your success and fix errors so you can dust it off and start all over again

Keep going at it until you have your doors swinging to and fro from customers passing through your store’s doors. You will find that not only can Twitter drive traffic to your website, you can also drive into your front door.