Twitter’s New Happening Now and Bookmark Features Help you Organize your Timeline

  • Date: October 11, 2017/
  • Categories: News, Tools/
  • Author: Ernest Thompson

Twitter is working hard to help new users better understand how the fast-moving platform works. It can be overwhelming for a new users as dozens of tweets flood their timeline every minute. Twitter’s new Happening Now and Bookmark features are going to make it easier for new users, and everyone else, get even more out of Twitter.

Twitter’s new Happening Now feature

The main goal for Twitter at the moment is getting to be known as the primary source online for trending stories and the latest news. They want to be the center for real-time discussion. The new notification system, known as Happening Now, will focus on live events by being displayed on the home screen of users. This new feature can be used as complement to their Popular Articles feature.

Twitter is going to let you customize these notifications in order to better cater Happening Now to your needs. Simply click on the down arrow icon of any topic header image. This will give you the option of getting more information, or to hide it from your timeline if it is not a topic you are interested in. Twitter’s Home timeline algorithm will learn from your input.

For now, this feature is going to be related to American sports. It will expand over time as they continue to refine the feature. With all of the impact that Twitter has on politics, that is likely to be the next area to have the Happening Now feature.

Twitter’s goal here is to help more users find information that is relevant, and then connect them directly to people who are talking about it. You have the option of selecting a topic and it will take you directly to people discussing this topic, including Twitter influencers. This should help to spur more discussions that may not have started otherwise, increasing usage.

Twitter’s new Bookmark feature

Twitter users have been finding ways to save tweets for later since the platform began. A few of the common ways have included:

  • Liking tweets and then looking back through your likes later to find it.
  • Sending the tweets to yourself as a DM.
  • Saving the URL in a message to yourself, or some sort of spreadsheet.

A recent Twitter hack week event exposed this need to the team, and they got to work on this product:

As you read, this is an early prototype. Users were demanding it, so they got to work on it right away to see what they could develop. This is likely going to be something that Twitter works on for the next few months as they perfect its use.

It is important for Twitter to distinguish likes from those tweets that people actually just want to read later. Twitter’s Home timeline algorithm is constantly developing, and having this input will help it get better at identifying trending content. This makes it so that if you like something, but don’t actually like it you just want to learn more, it will not impact your Home timeline.

This will also make it so that you do not have to look through a bunch of other tweets that you actually do like, but may not necessarily want to read again or sort through as you try to find the tweets that you want to learn more about. You can now bookmark them for later and find them easily.

Twitter’s easier to use with Happening Now and Bookmarks

Twitter is working hard to kickstart its user growth. These tools are likely being put in place to help casual Twitter users, moving away from the hard-core users of the past. Both features will also help people find interesting Twitter accounts easier. They may not be radical new advances, but they are steps towards making Twitter an easier place to navigate and enjoy, while still being able to find the latest developments and information.