Twitter Tips For Marketing Experts To Succeed

Although Twitter has a lot in common with all the social media platforms out there, it also has its own unique characteristics and set of rules. No matter how good you may be on the other platforms, you will need to learn some new Twitter tricks if you are going to excel here.

As a marketing expert, this will apply doubly to you as you not only have a new strategy to adopt, but also fewer characters with which to work with in each tweet. But don’t worry; we will have a look at some Twitter tips that you can use to hone your marketing skills.

Twitter tips for marketing experts

Your profile

This is the first thing people will see when they come looking for you. Before you can market anything, you will need to sell yourself. This means you will need to build the perfect profile page. Here you can see Joey Badass with a good customized header image, and a good profile image:

twitter profile example

For a detailed look on how you can do this, have a look at our post here. Among other things you will learn how to:

  • Come up with a good name or handle
  • Show your face in your profile photo
  • Have a complete bio so people know who you are
  • Take time to design a great background

This is the first step you need to take before anything else. Take the lessons to heart and create the best profile you absolutely can – and then keep improving it.

Twitter engagement strategies

Identify your demographics

Make detailed plans about who exactly you want to reach out to. Know who you want to address and sell to. Take stock of your followers to identify who would be your ideal customers. Scour Twitter to find influencers who, if you can get them on board, could sell you to their own followers.

Practice good tweeting

Know how to create engaging tweets. It isn’t the number of tweets you send out that matters, but rather the quality in them. Use words smartly and send out clear messages. Apply calls-to-action effectively to increase your chances of pushing your sales up.

Use advanced search

Learn how to use Twitter’s “Advanced Search” feature. It is an amazing tool that will let you find your target audience. You can use it to see who says what on a topic, where they are from, who they sent the message to, and much more. Once you get into the habit of using it, you will wonder you hadn’t done it earlier.

Twitter threading

Use Twitter threading to keep your tweets alive for a longer time. The act of threading involves continuously replying to your own tweet. You can use it to expand on your story or message. With every new tweet you get to write more as a form of explanation – something the 140 characters of a single one won’t adequately accommodate. Be careful, though; too long a thread and you could end up annoying your followers.

Lists help a lot

Create a list of your most valued followers and keep track of them. See what they react to and try to weave it into your campaign. Studying how they react to various topics could give you an insight into what they do and don’t like. Use that knowledge wisely.

Be social

Retweet, share, like, and favorite others’ tweets. After all, you are on a social media platform. Interact with other tweeters and you will see your retweet rates increase as they react to your “socialising.” Don’t be a cold alien, you can engage with your followers on a personal level and even interact with your competitors.

Tweet topics

Once you know who you are talking to, you can move on to what you’re going to say to them. Depending on factors like gender, age, customs, and interests, you will need to come up with tweets that your followers will want receive, read, and act on. When trying to close that sale, take the following points into consideration:


Different generations respond to different “languages.” Learn the local lingo and slangs. Use it to draw in the younger generation. Be polite and civil, use formal English to address the elder generation.

Stay on target

Stay focused on related topics to keep the momentum going. Keep building up on one topic per account. Don’t confuse your followers by skipping and touching on unrelated issues. A tweeting doctor should stick to medical issues while a lawyer’s Twitter account should only have tweets related to legal topics. The only time these accounts’ topics should ever cross paths is if they decide to tweet about medical malpractice issues, for example.

Twitter cards

Learn how to use Twitter cards. This is perhaps the platform’s best kept secret. Not many people know that you can let your followers:

  • Sign up for your mailing list
  • Download your newest app
  • Visit your landing page
  • View an image or article summary accompanying every post of content

That’s right, Twitter cards can cover all these tasks and lots more.

Images help

Make things interesting by attaching pictures to your tweet. Statistics show that tweets with images have a better chance of being shared and/or clicked on. Twitter shows a preview of your attached picture which makes it perfect for you to draw readers in using attention-grabbing shots. Done correctly, your tweets will always stand out from the crowd.

Twitter chat

Join a chatroom and converse on your subjects of interest. The longer you stay and contribute in chats, the more people will take you seriously. You can use the chance to connect with your fellow chatters and even end up making them your followers.

Be a news breaker

Twitter has basically become the social media platform that people turn to for breaking news. Take advantage of this fact. Create alerts for breaking news in your field and be a part of the initial conversation and buzz. When a hashtag like this starts to trend, have some sort of relevant content:

Become an expert

Look for expert interview or guest blogging requests to raise your profile. This works well if you have expertise in a field. There are people on Twitter looking for experts, like you, who can contribute to their blogs or websites. Use the opportunity to link back to your Twitter account.

See? There is a guest posting opportunity for nearly every topic, and it will be shared on Twitter.

Memes are fun

Learn about memes. They are fun and everyone loves them. Apart from learning how to create them, you will need to know how to time them. After all, memes are most effective if you can get them out at the right moment.

Inject some humor

Humor helps tweets go far. Create some funny tweets and you will see more people enjoy them. With the right sense of humor, you could actually see yourself go viral. Have a look at this post to see how the best of them do it.

Schedules and number of tweets

Time of day

Find out what the best time to send tweets out to your audiences is. Figure out when your tweets will be most effective and send them out then. Of course, there is a complicated science involved behind determining when the optimal time is. But, you can either experiment and find out when the best time is when you get the most retweets and clicks, or you can take the experts’ word for it and stick to their recommended schedule.

Repeat your tweets

Don’t expect everyone to receive and read your tweets every single time you send them out. Studies have shown that three tweets per day deliver the most effective engagement results. Spread them out over the day – or when you think they will be well-received – and set your tweeting time accordingly. You are allowed to repeat tweets over and over again, just don’t overdo it.

Adding ICYMI is a common way to let your followers know that you are posting something second time.

Automate with care

Be very careful when using automated tweets and schedulers. While automating your tweets will make you more effective at tweeting, it will also expose you to some errors if you are careless. Have a look at one of our previous posts here to learn about the do’s and dont’s of automation.

Keep track of stats

Monitor your statistics and increase your tweeting effectiveness by basing it on your results. Look at your most successful ones and see how you can emulate them, or apply their templates, in every aspect of your online promotions.

Use all the Twitter tips and succeed

Make use of all the Twitter tips we have just seen and read about here and you will see yourself succeed as a marketer. A review of the points to ponder include:

  • Look good because first impressions matter
  • Engage with your followers with clear, concise, and interesting tweets
  • Know what to say, when to say it, and to whom say it
  • Use as many of Twitter’s features as possible – they are there for a reason
  • Resend your tweets… but don’t overdo it
  • Keep an eye on your performance and improve whenever possible

Follow these Twitter tips and you will certainly find success in all your marketing campaigns. It will take time, and you may fail from time to time, but following these Twitter tips consistently will turn you into a Twitter marketing expert.