Twitter Threads Plugin Connects Tweetstorms for Easy Reading

  • Date: January 8, 2018/
  • Categories: Engagement, Tools/
  • Author: Ernest Thompson

Trying to read Twitter threads can sometimes be hard with all the tweets you have to browse through. A new Twitter bot is making the work easier by turning these threads into single blog posts.

Easy reading

The Thread Reader App bot lets users “unroll” a chosen Twitter thread, stringing the individual tweets together into a single blog-style post. Users just have to reply to the thread with “@threadreaderapp unroll” to get it delivered as a single post.

The bot’s creator has also released a Google Chrome extension that streamlines the process into just a few clicks. This makes it more accessible, as seen in this video.

Thread Reader App takes advantage of the popularity of tweetstorms, or the practice of posting several connected tweets in rapid succession. Twitter has itself made creating these tweetstorms easier with its new Twitter Threads feature. The feature lets users prepare their tweetstorms in advance. They can then publish the series of tweets all at once, or in any order that they want.

Support the Twitter Threads plugin

For those who truly enjoy the plugin, and want it to continue working, you can help through Paypal or Patreon. These things don’t exist on bread and water, they need money to continue operating!

Making use of the Twitter threads bot

The bot is a great tool for easily following threads on Twitter. Since the series of tweets are presented as a single post, it becomes a lot easier to understand what the whole thread is all about. This allows you to better respond and engage the thread in a conversation.

There is even a Trending section on the app’s website that lets you discover the most popular threads at the moment. By joining the conversations around these, you make yourself visible to more people and attract potential audiences.

Organize your own tweetstorms

On the flip side, the bot can help you present your own tweetstorms in a more interesting manner. Use Twitter Threads to organize your tweetstorms into a more coherent whole and encourage your followers to use the bot and read the threads in one go. Astrophysicist Tony Brown’s tweetstorm about his research became a lot easier to read when unrolled.

twitter threads plguin

This easy-to-read format will help increase engagements on your threads since people don’t need to spend time looking for the other parts of the threads in their feeds. Increase the reach of your threads by using our Auto-Engagements Service. The service will automatically retweet and like each tweet in the thread, increasing its overall visibility and encouraging people to read.

Why use the Twitter threads plugin

The Thread Reader App Twitter threads plugin is a useful tool to make your threads more accessible to followers. The accessibility you gain will surely encourage them to share your threads with their peers and increase your reach. Twitter users will benefit from the fact they will be able to easily understand the longest of threads from their favorite accounts.

Take the bot for a test ride today and discover new ways of presenting, and enjoying, the most engaging Twitter threads.