Twitter Promote Mode Offers Very Few Returns for $99/Month

The new Twitter Promote Mode has debuted, and is available in a beta test test for those in the US and UK. For $99 dollars per month Twitter will promote your tweets to a larger audience. But is it worth it? We will look at that in this article, and see the real experience of an early user.

What is Twitter Promote Mode

twitter promote mode logoFirst off, this is currently available to those in the US and the UK only. It will soon expand to Japan. Here are the point form notes to consider:

  • Twitter users will pay a flat fee of $99 per month.
  • The first 10 tweets that you send per day will then be promoted.
  • Tweets that you send will be promoted to people who are potentially interested in them, and this depends upon the targeting you select.
  • This entire process is automated, the user does not have to do anything except tweet their content.

Unfortunately, Promote Mode has limited targeting options. You are only allowed to select five different interests or metro locations/regions. So you can select three interests and two locations, or one interest and four locations, etc.

You are also not allowed to select which tweets are promoted. Twitter does this on its own, adds a ‘promoted’ tag next to them when they’re shown to those outside of your Twitter followers.

Does Twitter Promo Mode work?

Considering the fact that you are spending $99 per month you should hope to get something considerable in return. Let’s do a comparison of what $99 could get you with us:

So what do you get in return for your $99 per month with Twitter’s Promote Mode? Let’s see what happened with one of the first beta testers:

Okay, you saw how Twitter Promote Mode works with your own eyes from an independent journalist. You saw the same thing that I saw… Twitter Promote Mode is a disappointment on its own, and especially a disappointment in comparison to our services.

Extrapolating out the example above, he was on pace to get 28 new followers for the month. 28. Our service, and $69, could have gotten him 10,000. And he would’ve had $30 left over for 5000 engagements with our Auto-Engagements Service.

What Twitter has to say about Promote Mode

Twitter is trying very hard to get people to use Promote Mode, and to see some sort of benefit in all of this. Their statement includes:

“Accounts with up to 2,000 followers will see the most value.”

They’re trying to aim at small to medium businesses that want to get a boost in their numbers. The small business that wants to spend $100 on 30 followers… Hey, if you can find some let us know because we have a deal for them that they will not believe.

They go on to say something even crazier:

“Small businesses and individuals using Promote Mode can expect to gain followers and reach a broader audience each month, as long as they are actively Tweeting. The most successful people will keep Promote Mode toggled on while they focus on creating their best Tweets. But if they need to take a break, they can toggle Promote Mode off and pause all promotions. This doesn’t pause their subscription or billing.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Not only do get very little in return, but you can turn Promote Mode off while they continue to bill you. It’s absolute insanity.

Turning on Twitter Promote Mode

If you decide that you want to use Twitter Promote Mode, simply swipe right on the main screen. They also provide you with a dashboard that will allow you to track your results:

twitter promote mode graph

It is a very pretty looking graph. I am sure it would look even prettier if they gave you even half the results that our services can.