Twitter Moments is Being Redesigned: Vertical Scrolling in Beta

  • Date: November 15, 2017/
  • Categories: News, Tools/
  • Author: Ernest Thompson

Twitter is trying out a new design for its Moments service. Twitter’s motive behind the introduction of Moments was to present a story that won’t fit within the character limit. Though the Twitter Moments feature hasn’t lived up to everyone’s expectations, it is still used by a lot of people. Let’s see how this newest update will change Moments while it’s still in beta.

What has changed with Twitter Moments

When Twitter originally introduced Moments the stories and feeds were featured horizontally. This meant that users had to swipe left or right to watch the series of curated tweets, like this older video demonstrates:

Twitter is now redesigning Moments and testing a vertical presentation. A Twitter spokesperson has confirmed it, and has added that the content and its order will not be changed; only the presentation will be different. The goal is for people to get more Twitter impressions thanks to the Moments content they create getting more engagement.

This means that you’ll still be able to watch NBA Moments, but you’ll have to swipe up or down to watch or read the series of tweets. It had been asked for by a few Twitter users, and now their wishes might be fulfilled if the test is carried out successfully.

The reviews from users have been mixed so far, but I personally don’t think the updated service will affect Twitter’s marketing game positively or negatively. This is mostly a case of six of one, half a dozen of the other, unlike the new Twitter Popular Articles feature which was a big change.

Reviews of Twitter’s Vertical Moments

The reviews for Twitter’s Moments beta testing haven’t been exactly what the Twitter designers were looking for. Some of the users have disliked the new design and have expressed it publicly on the platform.

While some of them have liked the feature because it gives them an interface similar to what they enjoy it on the rest of Twitter in their Home Timeline. People have been asking for it, as this older tweet shows:

The new Twitter Moments update won’t be able to create a major dent in online marketers’ strategies as it doesn’t bring any game changing marketing perspective, except for the UI change.

Twitter statements on Moments

Twitter has said that Moments service usage has increased since they introduced the Explore button, but there’s no official data from the company justifying their statement. It remains to be seen how users will respond to the function if it’s rolled out wider. Twitter remains optimistic.

While there are negative sides to this update, Twitter needs to keep experimenting if they want to grow their user base. Their 280 character limit is rolled out now, as an example of them pushing the limits of the platform. This could just be another test as it is not officially rolled out to everyone yet, be on the lookout to see if it comes to you. Please tell me in the comments below if it appears in your Twitter app!