The Twitter Lite App is Now Available in 24 New Countries

  • Date: December 5, 2017/
  • Categories: News, Tools, Twitter/
  • Author: Ernest Thompson

In an effort to bring its services to more regions around the globe, Twitter is rolling out its Twitter Lite app to 24 new countries. Read what these countries are, and what they can expect from this new app feature.

Bringing Twitter to more people

After a beta test with those in the Philippines, Twitter Lite has been launched wider. It is designed to let people use the site’s services without all of the data of the full app. It offers:twitter lite app example

  • Small install size: With a file size of under 3MB, the Lite app uses significantly less space compared to the full app at 185MB on iOS.
  • Less data usage: Aside from minimizing data usage, Lite offers a data saver mode that lets users download only the images and videos that they want to see.
  • Faster loading time: The app can be loaded quickly on 2G and 3G connections, and has offline support for when users temporarily lose their connection.

Twitter says that these features make Lite useful for regions that have slower Internet speeds or unreliable mobile networks. The app also uses a simpler screen layout, seen to the right, for ease of use. This simple layout is great for new users, and those who just don’t want to dedicate a lot of data to Twitter.

Where is the Twitter light app is available

Twitter has said that tweets sent through Twitter Lite have increased by 50% since its release. Twitter launched the app in the Philippines in September, where it received a significant positive response. That development led to the site’s decision to release the app to 24 more countries including:

  • Algeria
  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • Ecuador
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Malaysia
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Thailand

The release of the Lite app to these regions is part of Twitter’s efforts to further solidify its global user base. Around 80% of the site’s 330 million users are located outside of the United States. By giving this segment of users more options to access its service, Twitter hopes to increase usage and attract more people to it. You can download the Twitter Lite on the Google Play Store now.

How marketers can take advantage of Twitter Lite

While the Twitter Lite app increases accessibility to international users, marketers get more opportunities to capture a larger audience. To better take advantage of the app, your marketing tweets should be optimized for it. Use images and videos that have smaller file sizes, compress images using a tool like TinyPNG. This will make your tweets load faster in the app. Determine the best file sizes to use by knowing the kind of connection present in the region you want to target.

Increasing your marketing tweet’s visibility is also essential for them to be seen in the mass of tweets that are expected to come from Lite. Purchase retweets from us to provide that boost. The added social proof will draw the interest of your target audience more.

Use Twitter Lite to penetrate more markets

The Twitter Lite app is a boon not just for international users as marketers can also use it to reach out to a global audience. Start creating tweets that suit the platform, and watch your following grow more.