Twitter Hashtag Search: How To Find The Best Twitter Hashtags

Learning how to do a proper Twitter hashtag search can be the difference between you simply using Twitter, and you using Twitter like a professional. Twitter is such a huge platform, with hundreds of millions of users sending out an unimaginable number of tweets per second, that you need to learn how to search through all of that noise to find what’s important to you.

This article is going to look at Twitter search tools that will find the best hashtags. Stop stumbling in the dark, and start finding the right conversations to join, and create content for, on Twitter.

Twitter hashtag search tools: Twitter Native

The first place that everyone looks is right on Twitter itself. You simply go on Twitter, look in the column where trends are, and look at the hashtags that are there. You can customize this information based on who you follow, and where you are as part of your most basic tweet planning.

If you are using the Twitter mobile app you can scroll to the bottom of the Twitter trending topics section and tap ‘More.’ This will bring up trending topics and hashtags that are more personalized for your account.

If you really want to get in-depth you can use Twitter Advanced Search. This will let you filter tweets according to:

  • Time frames
  • Who sent them
  • Accounts that were mentioned
  • Other words in the tweet
  • Words which will omit a tweet
  • Exact phrases
  • Languages used
  • By location

It is a very powerful tool for finding Twitter hashtags. The trick is that you have to know what you are looking for as it lacks many of the suggestion features that the tools below have.

twitter hashtag search twitter advanced search

Twitter hashtag search tools: Trendsmap

As the name implies, this Twitter hashtag search tool will allow you to find trending hashtags based on location. It allows you to have the chance to see how different places are discussing trending events, and what sort wording they are using. This allows you to use that information to better target your message’s language depending on the location you’re trying to talk to.

twitter hashtag search trendsmap

As an example, you want to take part in a trending hashtag. You find that:

  • People in the USA tend to be using the hashtag #favoritedog.
  • People in the UK, Canada, Australia, and South Africa tend to be using the hashtag #favouritedog.

That slight difference, just one letter, can help you depending upon whether you want to connect with people in the USA, or connect with people from countries which know how to spell words using proper English.

This can also help you on a national scale as people in New York have different things to talk about than people in Los Angeles. This can be very helpful if you are using Twitter Ads and you want to target people very specifically based on their city. Small businesses should be all over this tool for proper Twitter demographic data.

Twitter hashtag search tools: Sprout Social

The best feature of this tool is how it can help you track those hashtags which are already associated with your Twitter account. It does this through it’s Trends Report which will look at all incoming tweets and find the common hashtags amongst them.

twitter hashtag search sprout social trends report

This allows you to better understand the types of conversations you can have with the people who already following you. Remember that it is much easier to keep followers around than it is to get new ones. 

What you need to know about Sprout Social is that it is not free. You can get a 30 day free trial, but paid options range from $99 per month to $249 per month, depending on your needs. This is more of a complete social media management tool than it is a Twitter hashtag search tool.

Twitter hashtag search tools: RiteTag

The innovative feature of this is that it gives you feedback on your hashtags as you type them in. You get this feedback through strength ratings for these Twitter hashtags. Some other features include:

  • Suggestions for hashtags to be used with images.
  • Group hashtags together to be able to compare them in one location.
  • An auto scheduling tool.
  • Social posting automation.
  • Tracking clicks and conversions in relation to your calls to action.

Not only can RiteTag be used as a Twitter hashtag search tool, but it can do much more.

twitter hashtag search ritetag

Being able to find effective hashtags is one thing, but the ability to track them, and their engagement, to see whether or not they are successful will truly help your account.

Twitter hashtag search tools: Tagdef

The name of this tool is an abbreviation of ‘hashtag definition.’ It lists the most popular hashtags by:

  • Currently most popular
  • Most popular this week
  • Most popular of all time

What really helps this tool stand out is that it gives you a definition for what the hashtag is all about. It can help prevent stupid mistakes where you think that you know what a hashtag means when it actually has a different meaning. We have all seen brands which make this kind of mistake in the past. This tool can help you avoid that.

A lot of this is done through community-based voting. People earn points by voting on the most appropriate definition for the hashtag. This type of user curated content can be sketchy, we all should remember online voting and Boaty McBoatface, so make sure to double check on whether not the information is accurate. They have a Leaderboard to show the most active users:

hashtag search tool tagdef

Twitter hashtag search tools: Hashtagify.Me

This tool helps you find even more hashtags that are related to those you are already using. The whole point of it is to be able to increase your reach amongst those who either are using your hashtags, or those similar to yours.

Let’s look at an example where I searched for #LebronJames:

twitter hashtag search

I can see all of the other hashtags which are being associated with #LebronJames. I can then use those hashtags to supplement my content related to this hashtag, and expand my reach even further. They even give a ‘strength’ score for each hashtag so you can tell at a glance which is more popular.

Being able to see the accounts of the biggest Twitter influencers who are using this hashtag is another huge bonus. This information gives you the chance to reach out to them, as well as research what they are doing so well.

Twitter hashtag search tools: Tagboard

Tagboard allows you to create separate boards where you ask it to track one specific hashtag. It then displays the most popular tweets which use that hashtag. This can help you find influencers, and research what sort of content is working.

twitter hashtag search tagboard

Above you will see an example from the trending, and recurring, hashtag #WednesdayWisdom. If you want to get in on this trend you can analyze the type of content that people are sharing in order to get popular. You can then create your own content which is similar, and unique to your own account.

Twitter hashtag search tools:

This Twitter hashtag search tool was originally built as an internal tool. Employees who used it enjoyed it so much that Keyhole is now a tool which anyone can use to find Twitter hashtags. A Free membership will give you access to this data:

twitter hashtag search keyhole


Other very useful things which you can track in relation to the hashtag include:

  • How many posts have used this hashtag in a given time frame.
  • The number of users that are using this hashtag in a given timeframe.
  • How large its reach is.
  • Impression statistics, a vital piece of data to improve.
  • A graph which shows how popular it is according to the date.
  • The most popular tweets containing the hashtag.
  • User demographics in a variety of categories.

Not only will you see related hashtags, but you can also click to see keywords which occur frequently. This is all about adapting your language to better match the language of your audience, and can be used as part of your larger plan to integrate hashtags with your overall Internet marketing.

Twitter hashtag search tools:

This is a paid site which has some free features that can give you an idea of how it’ll work, but you do not get a full suite. The free version will give you:

  • Hourly analytics data on usage over the past 24 hours.
  • The profiles of the most prominent users of this hashtag.
  • Some of the most recent, and popular, tweets using this hashtag.
  • A limited graph of related hashtags.

While the free version does give you an idea of what you will get with the paid features, it’s not quite as useful as some of the tools we look at above. If, however, you are looking for a social media management tool which has a few more features beyond just finding hashtags this could be a good option for you.

Using Twitter hashtag searches

The entire point of using a Twitter hashtag search tool is to help you incorporate trending and appropriate topics into your Twitter campaign. There are a number of ways which you can do this:

  • Using them alongside your own branded hashtags.
  • Incorporating them into product related tweets.
  • Creating content is specifically geared towards these hashtags.
  • Connecting with people who are using them and starting conversations.
  • Monitoring them to see if your account is mentioned in a positive or negative way.

There are many different ways to think about hashtags, and how you will use them. But you can’t do any of this until you start finding them, and finding those which are most appropriate. Keep searching, keep trying, and most importantly keep track of your successes and failures. For better tracking you can use these tools.