Use These Twitter Follower Tracker Tools to Grow your Account!

Keeping track of your followers on Twitter will help a lot in better reaching out to and engaging your audience. Here are five Twitter follower tracker tools that you can use for effective analysis of who follows you, who could be following you, and how you can better connect with them.

Twitter follower tracker tool: Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is one of the simplest tools online for tracking followers. It provides you with all the basic information about your following:twitter follower tracker tools twitter counter

  • The number of followers you gained
  • Followers that you have lost
  • The makeup of your new followers
  • Bios and audience trends for each follower
  • Projections for the number of followers you could gain

The tool organizes all this data into follower lists. The lists are ordered based on each follower’s level of influence on Twitter. This helps you determine which people to focus on and engage more. Twitter Counter also lets you visualize your Followed/Unfollowed growth rate through a simple graph.

Studying your competitors

Twitter Counter lets you quickly do performance comparisons with two of your competitors. The data is presented in several simple graphs and charts. This helps you visualize your account’s growth in relation to your peers.

Twitter Follower tracker tools: FollowerWonk

FollowerWonk is one of the more popular Twitter follower tracker tools. Its main feature is the Social Authority metric that measures the level of influence a Twitter account has. The metric is presented as a score out of 100. Social Authority provides an easy way of determining the most influential people on your followers list for future engagements.

Some of the Twitter users that have the highest Social Authority are:

twitter follower tracker tools followerwonk

Aside from providing a quick measure of your followers’ influence, FollowerWonk presents the numbers of followers you gained in a given period through an interactive graph. By clicking specific dates on the graph, you get more information about the composition of new followers.

All the follower information the tool provides can be used in better planning out your content. FollowerWonk even helps you determine the times when your followers are most active. This is useful for timing your Twitter posts to get maximum visibility.

Doing competitor analysis

FollowerWonk provides quick competitor analysis via its Compare Users tab. The section lets you put your account against two of your competitors. It displays the results as interactive graphs, letting you quickly see the users following competitor accounts. Reach out to these people and turn them into potential new audiences.

You can also use the Compare Users feature to take a closer look at the follower base of influencers. This helps you get a better understanding of how they build a large following and effectively tap them for promotions.

Twitter follower tools: Export Tweet

Export Tweet gives you plenty of insights about your follower base through the detailed reports it provides. Some of the information you get from this Twitter follower tracker tool include:

  • Demographic breakdowns of your followers
  • Activity levels for each follower
  • Total number of followers a follower has
  • The range of followers that a follower has
  • Number of accounts the follower is following

You can use the information to determine who among your followers have an influential presence and can give you a lot of promotional mileage. It can also help you discover potential followers to engage.

You can download the detailed reports as an easy-to-use CSV file. This is great for doing your presentations or personal studies later.

Export Tweet in action

Get a good idea of how Export Tweet works by checking out its social media report for the 2017 UK general elections. They used their Twitter follower tracker tool to make a detailed analysis of the various candidates’ Twitter presence. This included the amount of follower growth that each gained during the election, and the popularity of their tweets.

twitter follower tracker tool exporttweet

The report presented each candidate’s statistics in distinct sections, making it easy to follow the information.

Twitter follower tracker tool: TweepsMap

TweepsMap takes the geographical mapping feature that most Twitter follower tracker tools have a notch higher by turning it into a central feature. The site provides you with an on-screen map that shows the regional distribution of your followers. By zooming into the map, you can get follower data from specific locations.

The tool provides you with more data about your follower growth or decline in a certain region. This data is presented as a rate of change in your follower numbers, making it easier to visualize the trends in your account’s growth.

Content planning

You can also use TweepsMap’s geography-based analytics to plan out your content publication schedule. The tool gives you the best times to publish for each region based on follower activity. This ensures that you are always right in front of your followers when they go online.

Twitter follower tracker tool: Twitonomy

Twitonomy is one of the most versatile Twitter follower tracker tools available. It gives you a detailed analysis of your following on the platform, and follower growth. The tool lets you sort your lists of followers based on various categories like:

  • The number and frequency of their tweets
  • How big a following they have
  • When they sent their last tweet

This sorting feature is useful for getting a better picture of what your followers are doing, and discovering influential people among them.

You can also use the list generated by Twitonomy to discover people you are not yet following. The tool includes Follow buttons on its lists to let you quickly connect with and engage them, strengthening your network.

Other features

Additionally, Twitonomy includes a world map function similar to TweepsMap. The map tracks the locations of the @mentions you get. It helps you determine the regions showing a large interest in you, so that you can focus your attention on them.

Aside from tracking follower data, the tool keeps track of the Twitter lists that you are featured in. These lists are a good indicator of how valuable followers perceive your content to be. The knowledge will help you create better content and do more effective engagement.

Keep track of your Twitter following and ensure your growth

The Twitter follower tracker tools listed here have a variety of features that you can use to study your follower data deeply. Determine which tool will suit your needs by deciding which pieces of data are more important to you.

You can even use multiple tools to get a better understanding of your followers, as well as discover and reach out to influencers. All of these will help you become a better Twitter user who quickly grows their following.