Twitter Celebrates Chinese New Year with Hashtags, New Dog Emoji

Twitter is celebrating the Chinese New Year with a loud bark by launching a special dog emoji for the occasion. This emoji is being incorporated into a larger hashtag strategy, which encompasses several languages.

Welcoming the Year of the Dog

Twitter launched a custom dog emoji on February 11. To include the cute emoji in their tweets, users just need to add any of the following hashtags to their tweet:chinese new year emoji dog 2018

  • #YearOfTheDog
  • #LunarNewYear
  • #HappyLunarNewYear
  • #ChineseNewYear
  • #HappyChineseNewYear
  • #CNY
  • #GongXiFaCai

To better promote inclusion on the platform, they have also included a number of Asian languages as part of the eligible hashtags:

Traditional Chinese

  • #新年快樂   
  • #恭喜發財

Simplified Chinese

  • #狗年旺旺
  • #新年快乐
  • #恭喜发财


  • #새해복많이받으세요
  • #설날


  • #ตรุษจีน

Bahasa Indonesia

  • #imlek

The new dog emoji will be available until March 1, covering the 15 days of Chinese New Year celebrations around the world.

Twitter noted that the dog, which ranks 11th in the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, symbolizes loyalty and honesty. The site encouraged revelers to join online conversations related to the events by checking out the #LunarNewYear hashtag. It also asked them to post their New Year’s wishes using the above hashtags.

Emojis for other events

This is not the first time that Twitter released a special emoji to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Twitter released a rooster emoji for the occasion in 2017.

Twitter regularly releases special emojis for other global and regional holidays as well, such as for the celebration of India’s 69th Republic Day in January. It also releases custom emojis for special events. You can actually learn a lot from how people use emojis on Twitter. Encouraging their use amongst your followers can increase engagement.

Joining the celebrations

Twitter’s February events calendar lists the #ChineseNewYear as one of the major holidays for this month. As such, you can expect a lot of online conversations around it. Jump in by creating your own Chinese New Year marketing campaign and using any of the above hashtags. Chinese restaurant Panda Express is obviously always ready for this yearly celebration.

It’s always fun to engage with your followers in a conversation about their Lunar New Year activities. This is an effective way to capture their interest, and get them interacting with your account more. Eventually, you can keep them engaging long after the celebrations.

The Chinese New Year just one of the many holidays that are lined up for this year. Twitter will continue to curate excellent hashtags related to the events, and will likely create some more cool emojis and perks along the way.