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Important Twitter User Statistics to Consider in 2018 from the Twitter Earnings Report

2018 twitter user statistics

With over 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is one of the most active social media communities. Twitter recently released some interesting Twitter user statistics from Q3 2017 that marketers should take note of.


Twitter Celebrates Chinese New Year with Hashtags, New Dog Emoji

twitter celebrates chinese new year 2018

Twitter is celebrating the Chinese New Year with a loud bark by launching a special dog emoji for the occasion. This emoji is being incorporated into a larger hashtag strategy, which encompasses several languages.


The Best Twitter Accounts: Justin Timberlake Rocks your Twitter Body

best twitter accounts justin timberlake profile

Justin Timberlake has been a pop superstar for longer than many of his fans have been alive. From his first appearance on Star Search, to the Mickey Mouse Club, and on to NSYNC and his solo career, it’s no secret how he also has one of the best Twitter accounts: He’s successful at everything he does.


Marketers Get Ready, Twitter Announces the #BrandBowl52 Awards For The Best Super Bowl Ads

twitter brandbowl52

Aside from the exciting championship games, the Super Bowl is well-known for some of the best commercials coming from brands. Twitter is celebrating the cream of the crop with its #BrandBowl52 Awards.


Real Ways to Increase Twitter Followers with Tweeting Tactics

increase twitter followers

There are many real ways to increase Twitter followers on your account using your tweets. It will take some focus, you can’t just tweet randomly whenever you feel like it, but these tactics will help you connect with more people who will follow you. Let’s get tweeting, and let’s get you popular!


The Most Popular Brands on Twitter: What the Emojis Tell Us

Emojis can teach us a lot about people’s emotions towards brands on social media. Not only can you analyze the conversations and the language used around them, you can look at how people are using emojis to gauge their true feelings even when they don’t have something to say. Let’s take a look at what the most popular brands on […]


Twitter Ads: Reap The Benefits of Proper Twitter Advertising

twitter ads

Twitter provides you with many tools in order to properly execute and assess a Twitter Ads campaign. Their goal is to make certain that you put your advertisements in front of the right people so that you can see the true benefit of their social media platform. Let’s look at one of the most important tools they have available.


Twitter Video: Go Well Beyond 280 Characters with Easily Shared Video

twitter video

In the early days of Twitter, the only way that you could share videos was by sharing a video URL from a streaming service. This was good enough at first, but users soon found themselves with a number of limits. With the integration of Twitter video, this is no longer the case as users now have many ways to share […]


Twitter and FOX Sports to Create World Cup 2018 Content Together

  • Date: January 10, 2018/
  • Categories: News, Twitter/
  • Author: Ernest Thompson
twitter fox sports world cup 2018

The World Cup is always a huge event on Twitter, and the World Cup 2018 promises to be no different. With this in mind, Twitter has teamed up with FOX Sports, the exclusive English-language home of the 2018 World Cup, to bring exclusive content from Russia to Twitter users in the USA.