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Get More Twitter Impressions to Popularize your Tweets & Content

twitter impressions

We all know that your number of followers on Twitter is important, but perhaps one of the most neglected metrics by amateurs is Twitter impressions. Your impressions are the number of people on Twitter who have seen your tweets. The more people who see your tweets, the more opportunities you have to meet all of your Twitter goals.


Free Twitter Followers: Build Your Account Using Nothing but Your Time

free twitter followers

Everyone wants to get more free Twitter followers. The more you have, the better validated your account is. When you get to a certain point your Twitter followers begin to snowball and grow rapidly. This article looks at a number of ways that you can get free Twitter followers; all they will cost you is time.


Twitter’s New Happening Now and Bookmark Features Help you Organize your Timeline

  • Date: October 11, 2017/
  • Categories: News, Tools/
  • Author: Ernest Thompson
twitter happening now bookmark features

Twitter is working hard to help new users better understand how the fast-moving platform works. It can be overwhelming for a new users as dozens of tweets flood their timeline every minute. Twitter’s new Happening Now and Bookmark features are going to make it easier for new users, and everyone else, get even more out of Twitter.