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Twitter Verification: How And Why You Should Do It

Twitter verification

Twitter accounts that have that blue badge next to their handles are verified accounts. It means Twitter has verified that the person or organization behind the account is actually who they say they are. Let’s have a look at why you need Twitter verification, and how you can do it.


Twitter Tutorial: Use Twitter Easily & Effectively

twitter tutorial

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms out there today. It has become an essential tool in communication and social media marketing. It is so important that everyone now needs to know how to use Twitter easily and effectively. This Twitter tutorial will help you.


How to Get Cheap Website Traffic from Twitter

Cheap website traffic

Your website needs consistent traffic. You need to use every available method to keep increasing the amount of traffic headed your way. One of the best traffic generators is social media . I am going to specifically look at how you can get cheap website traffic using Twitter.


Twitter Demographics: Finding your ideal audience on Twitter

Twitter Demographics

Success on Twitter starts with a large following. For that to happen, you have to keep targeting an ideal audience that is receptive to your tweets. The only way you can achieve this on a major scale is by focusing on ideal Twitter demographics and cutting out the chatter.


What your Tweet Analytics Will Tell you About your Failing Engagement Rates

Tweet Analytics

Every Twitter campaign needs to have its results measured as there is no point in launching a “blind” campaign. You always need to have a measurement process in place to gauge your success or failure rate. Doing this accurately will involve understanding tweet analytics.


What is Twitter Used for Anyway? What’s All This Tweeting About?

what Is Twitter used for

There’s been a lot of activity around Twitter lately, thanks to a certain president, that has many wondering what is Twitter used for? Believe it or not, Twitter is not used for announcing major political decisions without congressional approval… And that may be the one thing that it isn’t used for! Keep reading to find out what people are using […]


Why do Businesses Buy Twitter Retweets?

Why Businesses Buy Twitter Retweets

Businesses need their Twitter accounts, and they need them to be popular and retweeted often. With all of the time, planning, and effort put into Twitter by businesses it’s no wonder so many of them put a little extra into them and buy Twitter retweets. Let’s look at the reason why business buy Twitter retweets so you’ll know why, and […]