New Twitter Notifications Unveiled, Encourages More User Engagement

  • Date: December 21, 2017/
  • Categories: Engagement, Tools/
  • Author: Ernest Thompson

New Twitter notifications have been unveiled to encourage more engagement from the Twitter community. Check out the new mobile notifications so that you know what’s coming to your phone.

New  push notifications

One of the new notifications the site has rolled out is its “In case you missed it” push. The alert notifies users of earlier updates or relevant conversations that they might not have read yet. Twitter is also rolling out more platform alerts, like notifying users of the recent actions made by their connections.

The Next Web’s Mark Navarra demonstrates both notifications in this tweet.

The new prompts were already available to some users in the last few months. Twitter is gradually expanding the coverage.

Aside from the new notifications, the site made several changes to the way it pushes content to users in its mobile app. These changes include:

  • Moving the Highlights feature: These are now found under the Notifications tab in the app. Highlights is a listing of algorithmically chosen tweets for each user.
  • More Explore sections. New sections added to the Explore tab include “Popular Articles,” and topic-based highlights.

The changes are the latest in Twitter’s push to bring more algorithm-influenced content to its users.

These developments are part of the site’s larger effort to create more engagements and take advantage of the renewed growth of its user base. In its 3rd quarter earnings report for 2017, the site registered 4 million new monthly active users. This is the largest increase it has experienced since the second quarter of 2016.

Twitter made a considerable amount of effort to attract new users this year. This included dealing with pertinent issues like rampant abusive behavior on its platform. The increase in users is seen as a positive sign that its work is paying off.

How brands can make use of these new features

These new notifications and changes open a lot of new engagement points for brands and users looking to get more followers.  To start, you can use the notifications as a listening tool and get a good idea of what your followers are doing. Use that information to create content that connects to their recent activities and get them to engage in real time.

Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the changes made in some of Twitter’s content delivery features to bring your content closer to your audience. Tailor your tweets to fit their preferences more. This will guarantee that Twitter’s algorithm will pick and deliver them right in front of your target audience.

In all of these strategies, making your content prominent can help push it more to the audience. Buy Twitter retweets from us to give your tweets that boost. When your content starts appearing in people’s notifications and they see it being shared a lot, they are more likely to respond and engage you.

Use the new Twitter new notifications to engage followers

Twitter has specifically designed its new notification features with the intent of generating more engagement among its users. And that move is certainly a welcome one for brands, and users. Take advantage of the new Twitter notification types to bring your Twitter account to more people and grow your following quickly on the platform.