Why You Must Avoid Twitter Auto Follower Tools: Don’t Waste Your Money!

  • Date: July 19, 2017/
  • Categories: Followers, Tools/
  • Author: Ernest Thompson

I get it, you have thought about using a Twitter auto follower tool because you want to have the most followers possible. While these tools may seem enticing, are they really worth the money and effort? Keep reading to find out.

How a Twitter auto follower tool works

The main feature of any Twitter auto follower tool is that it automatically follows other Twitter accounts for you. The hope is that once you follow these accounts that they will follow you back. The tool itself is specialized software which does the work for you. All you do is pay a fee.

The accounts which follow you back are usually people who are also using the Twitter auto follower tool. Some of the people who make these tools also make bot accounts, some of your followers will be these meaningless accounts.

They are not a Twitter follower service

Twitter auto follower tools are often confused with Twitter follower services. While both have the end result of increasing your followers, they do it in different ways. Established follower services, such as ours, do not rely on software automation. We use a network of connected and active Twitter accounts.

Twitter’s policy on auto follower tools

Twitter has created a set of rules for Twitter auto follower tools, and all automated promotions. In those rules they specifically forbid any form of automated and indiscriminate following in bulk. Consider these points:

  • According to their standards, aggressive following tactics involve hundreds, or thousands, of follows of random accounts for the purpose of attracting attention.
  • They also state that this rule applies to the use software for doing this mass following. Using a Twitter auto follower obviously falls under this.
  • To help prevent this, Twitter has limited the number of accounts you can follow to 5000. When your Twitter account gets to 5000 followed accounts it restricts the number of additional accounts you can follow afterwards. The only way to increase the number of accounts you can follow you first have to get more followers.

Okay, so Twitter does not like these tools. But there are other reasons to not use them:

  • As a word of warning, Twitter states that these apps may actually use your account to spread spam, or spyware.
  • If they ask for your username and password they could be a scam being used by hackers to harvest data.
  • Using them is a poor choice because you will also be unable to follow your Twitter timeline while you follow so many accounts. How will you know what your friends are up to if you follow 5000 other accounts?

Not only does Twitter not like Twitter auto followers tools, you won’t like them either. Having your account turned into a distributor of spam is… Unpleasant, to say the least.

What happens if you caught using an auto follower

Twitter has created an algorithm which registers uncharacteristic following and unfollowing. If this algorithm picks up on the fact that you are using a Twitter auto follow tool it can limit your account.

This can prevent you from using certain features during a predetermined time period, such as your visibility to your followers, and stop you from tweeting altogether.

If this happens Twitter will send you a notification on your limits. You will then be given two options:

  1. Continue using Twitter in it’s temporarily limited state
  2. Verify your account using your phone

You will not be able to use the second option if you are a repeat violator. Those with multiple violations are only allowed to wait for their Twitter account to return to normal.

Twitter account suspensions

There is the potential for Twitter to suspend your account in extreme circumstances. If it finds that you are using auto follower tools on multiple locations, with limits placed each time, it can lead to a suspension.

If this happens to you, usually you only have the option of appealing your account suspension using this form:

twitter account suspended

You need to have a valid explanation as to why Twitter’s administrators should end your suspension. Do not expect them to respond quickly, it usually takes over 36 hours. Permanent suspension because of a Twitter auto follower tool is rare. But it is possible.

Why Twitter auto followers don’t work long-term

Twitter is always working to fight against auto follower tools. Some of the strategies they use include:

  • Removing bot accounts
  • Deleting accounts with no activity
  • Changing its algorithm to better identify real accounts
  • Monitoring and detecting erratic following behavior

While you may indeed increase your followers initially, Twitter will catch up with you. You could very well see your follower numbers taking a nose dive, unlike with our guaranteed number of followers.

The thing about Twitter is that it’s hard-core users notice everything. If your account numbers drop off while Twitter does the four things mentioned above, they will notice it and mention it:

How auto followers can impact your credibility

Those who follow you will be able to notice if you are using an auto followers. There are a number of red flags:

  • Your following follower ratio: Huge spikes in your follower to following ratio in a single day as a giveaway.
  • Default followers: If your followers are full of the blank profile image for followers it is a definite sign.
  • Sudden decrease in followers: Twitter users know that if your follower numbers drop very suddenly it is likely because bot accounts have been deleted from your account.
  • Low activity: If your account isn’t active, with lots of free tweets and likes, it will looks suspicious if your followers go up. you can increase your activity using our Auto-Engagements Service for more retweets and likes.

Your real followers may noticed these things and decide to unfollow you as well. So not only can you lose the followers gained through an auto follower tool, but you also risk of losing your real followers.

Don’t use Twitter auto follower tools

Everyone wants to quickly grow their Twitter account. The allure of looking famous is undeniable. However, using an auto follower has risks:

  • Twitter terms of service: Twitter makes it clear in their terms of service that auto follower tools are not allowed.
  • They aren’t sustainable: These tools will give you an initial boost from dummy and bot accounts, but these accounts can be deleted. Your real followers can noticed this and unfollow you for it as well.

These two points are not minor. You need to focus on using tools which will not get your account banned. Try out our 1000 Twitter Follow Service at just $12 to see that it works, and that you will not experience the negative consequences associated with an auto follower tool.