The Most Popular Brands on Twitter: What the Emojis Tell Us

Emojis can teach us a lot about people’s emotions towards brands on social media. Not only can you analyze the conversations and the language used around them, you can look at how people are using emojis to gauge their true feelings even when they don’t have something to say. Let’s take a look at what the most popular brands on Twitter can teach us, and see what these brands do so well to gain positive reactions.

The most popular brands on Twitter

A recent study done by Brandwatch looked at two years worth of emojis on Twitter. There are many things which you can learn from looking at this study, but we are going to focus on the most popular brands on Twitter. Those brands are:

  • Pantene: 93.9% positivetwitter analysis tools twitter advanced search
  • Jameson: 93% positive
  • Subway: 90.5% positive
  • InterContinental Hotels: 89.6% positive
  • Tesla: 87.6% positive

These brands are all doing something right on Twitter to get such positivity sent towards them. Let’s learn what each one does.

The most popular brands on Twitter: Pantene

What this famous shampoo brand teaches us is that influencer marketing is a very strong way to generate positive emotions towards your brand. They have worked with Selena Gomez throughout the two-year period, and received numerous positive reactions from these influencer interactions:

They focused on their relationship with Selena Gomez in a number of different marketing campaigns. Check out this tweet where Selena talks about her tour, and how she gets ready for tour, while integrating a hashtag from Pantene:

This sort of deep integration with a Twitter influencer is sure to make you one of most popular brands on Twitter, especially amongst a target market that enjoys Selena Gomez. The tweet above was no accident. It would’ve been part of her contract with the brand. When you can cross up hashtag marketing like this, with an important moment in the life of your influencer, you can do some incredible things.

But who only wants to hear from the wealthiest celebs? Pantene has also started featuring, and retweeting, content from their average fans. Here are a few examples that have appeared on their account:

Neither of those accounts are famous. The bottom one is the most famous with just over 2000 followers. So why are these tweets important? Twitter is social media, and social media is all about personal engagements. We often have an easier time connecting to someone like us than we do to an international singing sensation like Selena.

The most popular brands on Twitter: Jameson

Positive feelings towards one of the best whiskeys in the world is not an incredible feat, but being as successful as they are on Twitter is. What it looks like they have done well is take full advantage of a viral moment that connects to their brand. I am talking, of course, about St. Patrick’s Day. They own this day more than any other brand:

Thousands and thousands and thousands of tweets just like this helped put them over the top in positivity for the year.

They certainly didn’t sit back and wait for this user-generated content to do all of their work for them. They built up to the day, and had excellent tweets on March 17 (the dates are off as they tweet from Ireland’s timezone) itself. It may come as no surprise that they didn’t tweet for a few days after:

Your Twitter account needs to find viral moments like this and take full advantage of them. An important way to do this is by using our Twitter Retweet Service to popularize your most important moments and make them truly popular. You can’t let these important moments pass you by, and this service will help you capitalize on them. Find your own St. Patrick’s Day and go viral. While you’re at it, be sure to participate in other viral moments:

The most popular brands on Twitter: Subway

Out of all the brands we will look at here, Subway is perhaps the one with the most drastic change in public perception. They have been trying to rehabilitate their image since a horrible spokesperson situation. They are now well on their way to being one of the most popular brands on Twitter thanks to tweets like this:

This is them perfectly tapping into a trending topic and creating the right content for it. Not only are they doing very well with this trending topic material content, they’re also doing well with their own unique ridiculous style of content. They use a particularly effective style of call to action in the second tweet:

Many brands are taking on personas such as this, the most famous of which is Wendy’s. They also participated in a little bit of influencer marketing for #WorldSandwichDay with singer/songwriter Andy Grammer, and a donation to a charity:

Subway has had a lot of work to do to repair their image. Knowing that, they have done everything possible on Twitter to bring up their popularity and positivity. They weren’t done yet though as they have started an artist series with acoustic sets at their private performance space:

Let’s say that they have done some serious damage control.

The most popular brands on Twitter: Intercontinental Hotels

Hotel brands are often maligned on Twitter and social media in general. All too often people go on Twitter to complain about a poor experience. International Hotels has fought against this by making a call for user-generated content. They help organize this with a unique hashtag which they use periodically:

They actively encouraged their followers to use the hashtag:

Their Twitter followers know that they can get some attention if they use the hashtag, and they do:

All of these many, many tweets being sent by thousands and thousands of accounts builds up their positive image. The absolutely stunning photographs being shared don’t hurt either. This is an instance where they are allowing their fans and followers to build their name for them rather than having to do it entirely themselves.

They have also done well with segmenting their different areas. This allows different regions of the world with their own hotel to tweet content unique to their area:

All of these different little accounts add up to a large amount of positivity going their way. It also allows for specialized content to be made for those unique cities. Twitter focuses heavily on personalization, and they have mastered it by creating these different accounts.

They have also started expanding their content marketing beyond what they do on Twitter and are now linking up with an exciting blog:

This shows that your content marketing plan must include Twitter in order to expand and succeed as well as it can. This pushes people to go on their website, get more interested in booking a room, which leads to more conversions. Even I had a look around while I was on the website studying this. Having an entertaining Twitter account is useful, but making money off of that entertainment is much more useful.

The most popular brands on Twitter: Tesla

Perhaps no brand in the world is getting quite as much positive reaction as Tesla. Their electric cars are taking the world by storm with their good looks, and absolutely mind-numbing performance:

As a lifelong car nut I will admit that the only time I’ve ever seen a car go that fast is on a dragstrip. And when it’s going that fast it’s making a lot more noise than that Tesla, while also burning the most potent of gasoline as fast as you can dump it out of pail. They’re incredible machines.

Not only are they getting praise for their vehicles, but they are getting praise for the side projects that they are involved in as well. If you can call something like this battery in Australia a side project:

With all of this support, and good press coming their way, Tesla has done perhaps the smartest thing they can. What they have done is mostly shut up, and let the media do the talking by retweeting the many positive tweets coming from media outlets. Here are a few examples which they have retweeted from their main account:

This is another example of a brand doing influencer marketing on Twitter. The difference here is that they do not make actual partnerships with influencers, instead they monitor conversations and retweet them when they come across them. With all of the good press they are getting lately they simply do not need to partner with influencers in the traditional manner.

One final thing that they are doing very well is having some guy with a weird name tweet about them often:

The goal of this is to show the human side of the brand. They’re not just some faceless corporation; They are Elon’s dream. They are the dream of everyone who is buying into their vehicles. They retweet Elon every single time he shows appreciation to everyone that supports the company, and it helps build their positive image.

What you can learn from the most popular brands on Twitter

The accounts above aren’t popular in the sense that they have the most followers. They are popular in the sense that they have the most positivity sent their way. There’s much to be said for getting a lot of followers, but quality interactions always come at a premium.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what each brand did well:

  • Pantene: Exceptional influencer marketing with just the right person for their brand.
  • Jameson: Viral marketing on a very special day for their brand.
  • Subway: Taking advantage of trending topics and hashtags using their unique voice. A charitable campaign mixed with an influencer really put them over the top.
  • Intercontinental Hotels: User-generated content spurred by a unique hashtag and calls to action. Sub-accounts help them generate local support.
  • Tesla: Using the good name they are earning all over the Internet as a free influencer marketing source. They also have Elon acting as a brand mascot spreading a positive personal connection.

If you imitate any of these brands in style, tone, or tactics you will be sure to improve your own Twitter account. You may never reach the height of Tesla (especially with SpaceX taking off. ZING), but you will definitely find yourself with an account which attracts attention to itself in the best possible way.