Real Ways to Increase Twitter Followers with Tweeting Tactics

There are many real ways to increase Twitter followers on your account using your tweets. It will take some focus, you can’t just tweet randomly whenever you feel like it, but these tactics will help you connect with more people who will follow you. Let’s get tweeting, and let’s get you popular!

Increase Twitter followers for your account

Before we go any further, let’s be sure that you have done the proper Twitter optimization tactics such as uploading a custom photo, header image, and editing your bio. Often, once you tweet something people will quickly take a look at this information to determine whether or not they want to follow you.

If you need to know more, read this article on Twitter account optimization. Here is a quick example of a well optimized profile that is ready to tweet:

increase twitter followers profile example

Here you can see that Shane is using a close up on his faces for a profile image, and that his header image is conveying his most important piece of information: he has merchandise for sale.

His biography mentions the merchandise again, which would be stronger if he had a call to action to click the link below which leads you to the merchandise. It is also a mistake that he is not mentioning what he does. It is likely that he doesn’t have to as he is a very well known YouTube comedian, but this is a mistake that you and he should not be making.

Increase Twitter followers: Using your tweets

One of the first things you should do with your tweets is to have a connection to a theme for your account. The strategy here is that you’re going to be connecting deeply with people who will actually be interested in what you have to say. This is why companies like Nike don’t have just one Twitter account; they also have Nike Basketball, Nike Football, Nike Women, and so on.

increase twitter followers account segmentation

Everything you tweet, everything you retweet, and every image you share should be connected to your theme in some way. If you stray off topic too often you will get unfollowed. You’ll never see any of the accounts from Nike above tweeting off-topic because they know, and have cultivated, their audience.

Increase Twitter followers: With popular Twitter users

Once you have your theme you need to find other Twitter users who are popular, called influencers, within that theme. You can collect their names in a spreadsheet off of Twitter, or you can put them in a Twitter list. Either way, you need to collect their names somewhere that you can refer to all of them. A Twitter list will be easiest, and could lead to the influencer following you as they’ll be notified of being added to the list.

Here’s what you’ll do with your list of Twitter users:

  • Pay close attention to what they are tweeting as a potential topics for you to tweet about. Your followers will appreciate it if you are the first one to break a major news story to them in your theme. The easiest way to do this is by following those who know more than you, and influencers are always connected.
  • When these popular users tweet something, and it’s related to your topic, participate in the conversation. Other people who are talking to the popular user can see you and follow you. With consistent effort, the influencer may follow you as well. Science nerds would be wise to join in on the always lively replies section of Neil deGrasse Tyson. 2,240 replies on one sentence:

  • To make it easier to have relevant content, pay attention to their tweets and retweet their best content. This makes creating consistent content for your followers easier. You can also just pay attention to articles that they are sharing and create your own unique tweet related to that article.
  • Go to the websites of these influencers and find articles related to your theme. Tweet out these articles and be sure to @tag the influencer. If they see you consistently helping them, they can help you with a retweet or a follow.

What you’re going to be doing here is using the fame that a more popular account has to steadily increase your Twitter followers. You will be engaging with some of the most relevant Twitter users on the platform, as well as their many fans.

Increase Twitter followers: Using media

When Twitter first started you could only tweet out text and links. That was it, but the platform has since evolved to include many different types of media:

  • Live Twitter video
  • Embedded YouTube videos
  • GIFs
  • Images

All of this media gives you the opportunity to keep your tweet stream exciting. Consistently using a wide variety of media will keep your followers interested in your account, and this is a key strategy to increase your Twitter followers by not allowing the number to decrease amongst your current followers.

Take a look at how hard Samsung Mobile, one of the best Twitter accounts around, works to keep their Twitter followers around with a variety of content back to back:

On December 13 they posted a video, December 7 they posted an image, and on November 29 they posted a GIF. Considering that they only post about two or three times a week, this is a wide variety of content shared in a short amount time for them.

Increase Twitter followers: Using hashtags

We all know that hashtags are very important on Twitter. Most Twitter users will just tweet them out whenever they feel like, but in order to really increase your Twitter followers you need slightly more focused approach. Here are the ways that you will use hashtags:

  • Trending: We all know that trending hashtags are an important opportunity. The give you an excellent chance to put your tweets in front of a viral audience. To find the best hashtags for your theme you need to use tracking tools. Getting to the top of the results for a trending hashtag can be difficult, but our Twitter Retweet Service will drive your tweet higher so that more people see it. This increased exposure will result in more real followers.
  • Series: Hashtags are used to track conversations. Those conversations do not always have to be with a large group, they can just be with yourself. I know a lot of people will tell you that it’s bad to talk to yourself, but on Twitter you can use hashtags to create an ongoing conversation. Create your own unique hashtag so that people can click on it and see other tweets of yours which are related to the topic.

Using trending hashtags is pretty easy to understand, but creating your own hashtag series can be a little bit nuanced. Here is IKEA with their #MakeRoomforIKEA campaign:

When someone clicks on that hashtag they are able to see everything that IKEA has sent out related to this campaign. This will allow them to keep their followers engaged longer in this promotion, and to learn more about it.

Increase Twitter followers: Using calls to action

Even though this tweeting tactic is near the bottom, it is actually quite important. if you want your Twitter followers to do something, you need to tell them to do it. This will take your passive Twitter followers and make them more active. Here are the best calls to action:

  • This may sound obvious, but asking people to follow you works. This is especially useful when you’re joining in on trending hashtags as people who have never seen before will be seeing you for the first time.
  • Asking your current followers to retweet you can help you increase your Twitter followers from the increased exposure. This is an effective tactic which people have been using since the beginning of Twitter.
  • Changes to the Twitter algorithm last year has made likes valuable as well. They can act like retweets and cause your tweets to show up in the timeline of your followers. Most of the time, you will see people using this call to action in conjunction with the call to action to retweet.

  • To help your account get more direct exposure you can ask your followers to @tag their friends. This is often used as part of a contest, but you can use it when you’re trying to start a conversation amongst your followers and interested friends.
  • Directly asking for your followers to reply will help deepen their connection with your account, and possibly bring some of their friends into the conversation when they see it happening.

Using focused calls to action on Twitter is important as you have a limited amount of space. You need to get right to the point so that people know exactly what you want them to do right away. Here are a few more examples of effective calls to action:

Use your own unique calls to action which will activate your specific followers, and be sure to monitor the performance of these calls to action to know which ones to use again. 

Increase Twitter followers with your tweets

After you have set up a great Twitter account, and done some cross promotion with other social media platforms, at the end of the day your success with your Twitter account will come down to the content of your tweets. Here is a review of the tactics we looked at:

  • Having your account properly set up with the right images and a bio.
  • Choosing a theme for your account.
  • Connecting with popular users within your theme.
  • Using hashtags in both a trending and unique way.
  • Putting your followers to work directly with calls to action.

If, after all of this, your account is still struggling it is time for you to boost yourself without Twitter Follower Service. Accounts which struggle to gain followers are used to doing so because they have few followers to begin with. This service will help you get over the hump, and will make the tweeting tactics we look at above even more effective.