Important Twitter User Statistics to Consider in 2018 from the Twitter Earnings Report

With over 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is one of the most active social media communities. Twitter recently released some interesting Twitter user statistics from Q3 2017 that marketers should take note of.

Twitter user statistics breakdown

In the third quarter 2017 earnings report released by Twitter, they revealed that only 69 million of its users are in the United States. The larger 261 million, comprising 79 percent of total users, come from other parts of the world. That international user base has steadily grown year after year, as shown in this graph:

twitter user statistics 2018

Image was taken from Twitter Q3 Earnings 2017 Report

The site has put significant effort into making its services accessible to more regions around the globe. In 2017, its Twitter Lite app was made available to 24 new countries. Twitter Lite is a simplified version of the main Twitter app designed for use in areas with slower networks. Since the expansion, the site reported that the number of tweets sent through Twitter Lite grew by 50%

The statistics show user demographics

A closer study of Twitter user statistics by the Pew Research Center reveals some interesting demographic data:

  • 36% of Americans aged 18 – 29 years old use Twitter, greater than other age groups.
  • 28% of American college degree holders use Twitter.
  • 30% of Americans in the $75,000 annual income bracket are on Twitter.  

What this tells us is that younger, more financially-capable users make up a significant portion of Twitter’s audience. This demographic is one of the groups that marketers want to capture.

What the statistics show about user behavior

The report made by Pew also gave a glimpse of user behavior on the site. It noted that 42% of Twitter app users access the app at least once every day. Aside from sending out tweets, users are using Twitter to research.

Another study made by Pew revealed that 74% of users get their news from the site. This drives a lot of audiences to popular news agencies like CNN.

Leveraging Twitter user statistics for marketing

Several studies commissioned by Twitter reveal that users are relying more on it for making their purchase decisions:

  • 25% of US car buyers turn to Twitter as part of their decision making.
  • Telecommunications buyers spend 6.8% more after seeing Twitter Ads.
  • 41% of users purchased products after seeing ads on Twitter in the last 30 days.

These statistics highlight how effective Twitter ads are at increasing purchases.

Twitter videos are the most popular ad format, with 25% of marketers running them. This includes major brands like Adidas:

These video ads are six times more likely to be retweeted than other ads, making them perfect for increasing customer reach.

Twitter engagement statistics

Customer engagements are also crucial for better brand marketing on Twitter. A third of customers who have good experiences with businesses on Twitter are more likely to retweet their posts. Ensure that you have a well-defined engagement strategy to better address your customers through tweets and keep them following you.

These Twitter user statistics are just part of the large amount of user data that Twitter regularly releases to the public. Make sure you keep up to date with these user trends, and be sure to have a plan for engagement.