How Twitter’s New Statistic Features Affect You As An Influencer

Twitter announced that they have enacted new advanced privacy controls and data collection methods. As an influencer, or a tweeter who aspires to become one, you should take note of these developments. They could become a powerful ally in your quest to grow your following, and get more retweets.

Twitter has said that while their main aim was to make sure their users get relevant content served to them, they also want to “offer the best and most transparent privacy and data controls.”

How does it apply to you?

If your goal is to become a Twitter influencer, these new features will help your tweets become more focused and relevant. Being able to appeal to the exact followers you want to appeal to is the entire point of Twitter. The new tools that Twitter have introduced include:

  • Transparency: You will now have open access to all your Twitter information. This includes information such as demographics and interest data. You will see which advertisers think you are a perfect fit for their campaigns. This data will not just be read-only; you will be able to tweak it all.
  • More control: Twitter will let you decide how much of your data they can use. You can select which data they share of yours with their third-party partners.
  • Synced personalization: Many Twitter users login from multiple devices. Twitter can now collect data from each device and use the information to identify all your hardware. Their goal is to create a uniform user experience (UX) across all of them. Using your Personalization and Data settings, you can fix whatever they get wrong.

Now, we come to the two most important aspects of the new features that you should particularly focus on – their policies:

  • Web data: Twitter has expanded how they will use, and store, your data. It will be used to connect you with “the stories, brands, and organic content you care about.” This means that over time, and as you go on using the social media platform, the information that is sent your way will become very relevant to you. It will offer you a good opportunity to reach out to the people and businesses that are closely related to your niche.
  • Data sharing: Twitter has updated how they share your “non-personal, aggregated, and device-level data” while it is still linked with your name, email, or other personal information. You can take advantage of this fortunate circumstance to spread word about you by attaching your identifying information to data you deem relevant. This will allow you to “advertise” what you and your account are all about.

Data is becoming very valuable. Protecting yours, and controlling it, is the future of social media and Twitter.

How do you use it as an influencer?

The answer is pretty straight forward – Twitter has just made it easier for you to reach out and garner even more followers. To maximize the outcome of your reputation building efforts, you can now:

  • Build on your distinct profile so the Twittersphere will know who you are and what you are all about
  • Fellow tweeters will know what kind of information they can expect from you, should they choose to follow you

Combine these new features with our Twitter Followers Service, and you will see your power as a Twitter influencer increase. As always, it starts with good data and acting upon that data. A little boost from us is going to help even more.