How To Use Twitter Effectively: More Than Public Relations

If you are a business that operates in the 21st century you will know that surviving the cut throat competition is tough. Smaller businesses need to learn how to use Twitter effectively to compete. Twitter is one of the best equalization tools available to marketers!

While you are most likely using the social media platform already, we would like to show you how to use Twitter effectively. Apart from the solely PR purposes that many businesses apply Twitter on, there are a multitude of other tasks that you can use it for.

How to use Twitter effectively for many purposes

While Twitter is most commonly used for PR, you should be happy to use it in many more aspects of your business. You will learn how to apply it in a wide range of your business’ processes. So, without further ado, let’s delve in…

Use Twitter to share news

In case you haven’t noticed, Twitter has become the social media platform where breaking news is most often first announced. While you don’t have to use it for such dramatic purposes, you need to realize its importance. People on Twitter use it as a source of news. You can feed that need by keeping your niche audience updated on your business’ latest developments.

Use Twitter to inform your followers about any new moves your business has made. You can let them know about new acquisitions, expansion of services, and the launch of new products. Again, it doesn’t have to be something explosive to be considered essential news.

Twitter is great for marketing

With millions of people on Twitter, you have a platform where you can showcase your products and services. Using smart hashtag techniques you can get people interested in what you have to offer. If it happens to be something good, you can also expect satisfied customers to retweet or comment about it. This will encourage others to come over and make purchases on your proper website.

This technique will need to be backed up with a good conversion strategy on your ecommerce website. You should be able to “lock in” the visitors and make them want to give you their money in exchange for your goods or services.

Customer support on Twitter

You don’t have to install ZenDesk or any similar support software if you are just a small business. Use the free platform to address issues directly, live, and person-to-person. Your support staff can keep an eye on your handle being used on Twitter and check to see if any tweets were sent to report a problem or make a complaint.

Apart from the novelty, your clients will love the fact that you actually have someone responding to them directly and immediately. They will also be intrigued by the fact that you are confident enough to reply right in front of everyone. Over time, your back-and-forth tweets will grow into a knowledge base that your future customers can browse through.

Driving traffic to your main website

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is by enticing them with interesting “bait” tweets. If you are wily enough, you can make people who read your tweets go on to your website to find out more about your message. If you’re good at it, you could actually drive a serious amount of traffic towards your website.

Once you have the traffic on your website, you are free to do with them as you wish, including,

  • Providing the information you had promised them in the bait tweet
  • Making them sign up for newsletters or memberships
  • Getting them to buy your goods or services

A website with lots of footfalls is a healthy website. You, therefore, have a unique opportunity to heal your ailing ecommerce site.

Establishing brand awareness

An important thing you will need to know, as you learn how to use Twitter effectively, is that you need to always be active. You have to keep exchanging new ideas with your followers. Keep reacting and interacting with them. All this is done to make your brand, your “online face,” recognizable. Even after all these years, Gatorade is still trying to establish its brand as being helpful to athletes at all levels:

Creating brand awareness is akin to firmly establishing the image of you, your business, and your services in your clients’ minds. You need to make them think of you first when they need your products.

SEO & Google ranking

Google loves traffic, interaction on websites, and notices changes made on pages – all of which you can get from Twitter. Incidentally, these are all good things for your website’s SEO. You can improve your page’s rankings immensely by rolling out a Twitter campaign that aims to generate reactions that will then lead visitors towards your website.

The trick is to keep people on your website long enough for it to matter to Google. Be sure to send them to pages which have engaging content on them, as well as good links to other pages.

Creating industry-wide connections with other businesses

Did you know you could use Twitter as a collaboration medium where you can work together with other businesses? You can exchange ideas and plan new projects with them. You could even launch marketing/ad campaigns together and reap mutual benefits.

While the business world is mostly about the strongest being able to survive, you can form alliances to protect yourself from larger predators. With Twitter in hand, you stand a chance of warding off the bigger businesses’ domination of the market.

Twitter can be an educational tool

Twitter and social media marketing isn’t just for businesses. Universities and educational institutions can use Twitter to impart knowledge for free too. Are there doctors and professors on your staff? Let them help people. They don’t have to dispense advice on serious medical conditions. Tips on staying healthy, and illness prevention methods can go a far away in alleviating common ailments.

The tweets can also be used indirectly to guide people towards the real-world information they are seeking by tracking their hashtags. Custodians of physical information centers like libraries and archives would be ideal for this task.

Communication tool with employees

If you get all your employees to follow you on Twitter you will have created a great “notice board” where you can constantly stay in contact with them. All announcements and bulletins can be shared on the platform – wherever your employees may be.

Note that this idea could turn into a two-way channel. It could encourage those of your employees, that prefer the anonymity of a social media account, to give you honest feedback. It could encourage a sense of belongingness in them if you listen to, and address, their concerns.

Twitter chats

One aspect you need to know about when you learn how to use Twitter effectively is its chat capabilities. Tweeters can come together at a predetermined time to discuss and share opinions about a topic. Typically, participants in the chat send out their tweets using predetermined hashtags. Replying, retweeting, and direct messaging using these hashtags creates a chat environment. The #SEMrushchat has been popular for years:

You can bring people together for meetings, brainstorming, panel discussions, voting, and pretty much anything that you would get people together for in the real world.

Create list of competitors

You can learn how to use Twitter for a little corporate espionage. How? Create a list of your competitors so you will have details of their tweeting activities. Creating lists can help you find when your competitors are being spoken to. You can then go and speak to the fans if the brand never bothers following up

This way you can keep tabs on what your adversaries are tweeting about and what their Twitter strategies are. You will always know what they are up to. You can also lead to some of the funniest tweets that you will send out.

Follow Twitter trends

Use trends to stay on top of what is happening in your industry. If you are to stay a step ahead, you should always stay informed about the goings-on in your part of the playing field. One way you can do so is by following relevant trends. Here is a trend going on right now that nearly any Twitter accounts can participate in without worry:

You will be able to keep track of things like developments, news, and general outside factors that could affect your business. You can always look to what’s trending to find something to talk about. For that extra boost that you will need during important moments like this, turn to our Twitter Retweets Service to draw more attention.

Use Twitter for recruitment

Looking through job listings is so 15 years ago. Advertising your openings on LinkedIn is also important, but it’s not what anyone would call fun. There is an easier way to do it. You can simply post vacancies on Twitter and see the applications flood in.

You would be surprised at the number of vacancies that are posted on Twitter on any given day. What would surprise you even more is the number of job seekers who rely on the platform to get their next gig; both short- and long-term.

These are just some of the ways you can use Twitter effectively. You can come up with even more ways with which you can put your Twitter account to better use. Choose all that apply to your business and you will be amazed at what a great tool you have at your disposal.

Learn how to use Twitter effectively, it really is worth it

The list above should have by now convinced you that Twitter is a powerful tool you must use creatively to take full advantage of. They should be more than enough to urge you to get up, and start learning how to use Twitter effectively. The efforts will be worth it. So,

  • Use Twitter for the purposes we have seen above and you should see your business boom.
  • While there are other social media platforms that you can use to perform the tasks above, don’t ignore Twitter.
  • Even if Twitter performs less than the other platforms, use it in collaboration with them. It is  definitely a helpful supporting tool.

Twitter is an excellent opportunity to better your public relations.There also numerous opportunities to do so much more. Continue to expand your Twitter activities using the techniques above, and your account will continue to grow.