How Can You Boost Your Tweets so They Go Further?

Twitter is probably something that you have already mastered as a fun social media platform. Sending out tweets, replying to other users, and liking what you see has become second nature. It’s fun, but do you know how to boost your tweets? A serious tweeter will always care about how effective every single tweet they send out is. In this post, you’ll see how to boost your tweets and maximize your reach.

Boost your tweets for effective Twitter use

Send out news tweets

Twitter has become the most popular source for breaking news items. Millions turn to the platform to get updates on breaking news from around the world. This offers you a chance to create attention-grabbing headlines as tweets. This style of tweet is easy to retweet, thus increasing the chances of your followers’ engaging them.

Offer giveaways

Everyone loves winning something. You can take advantage of that human characteristic to boost your tweets. By offering giveaways, you will be able to tempt all but the strongest of people into trying to find out what it will require to get your freebies. Increase your click-through rates by adding links that lead to a page on your website. Once they are there keep them interested and then convert them.

Stand for, or against, something

Careful with this one, though. You will need to choose sides before you express your opinion on a controversial topic. State your thoughts about the affair in a firm and convincing manner. If you do it well enough, you can expect the backlash to be instantaneous. You also might not like the tone or context of it. Albeit, you will get your tweets to go further than usual.

Use humor

Funny tweets attract attention. If you’re honest, you will admit that there is something you just can’t resist about funny one-liners on Twitter. Even as you’re scrolling down to read tweets from your followers you will notice that you linger a bit longer longer on the funnier ones. Humor is always a good idea when communicating with people you don’t know – it’s an icebreaker.

Attack yourself

Make people see that you too are open to criticism, admit mistakes, and let them know you are willing to fix things. This would be a perfect strategy for you if you happen to be a celebrity of sorts, or a business entity.  Throw out some self-deprecating jokes, Twitter is supposed to be fun.

DM and @mention influencers

If you can get influencers involved in your tweets or chats, you win.  Twitter influencers, by definition, have a large number of followers. When they interact with you today can help propagate your tweets with the help of these followers.  If you can get one such influencer to support you, or even retweet a couple of your messages, you increase your chances of reaching a wider audience by many folds.

Imagine the boost this tweet received when Katy Perry herself retweeted it. You can be sure that this Twitter user had never had this many retweets before:

Use hashtags wisely

Do research on hashtagging and effectiveness. Finding the right hashtag to add to your tweets could be a bit tricky. If you pick one that is already trending too high your tweet will be lost in a sea of viral text. If you want to stand out in these instances the best thing you can do is use our Twitter Retweets Service. This will boost your tweet to the top of the trending topics. If you choose one that no one is interested in, well, no one will see it. 

There can be a backlash if you routinely choose trending hashtags which do not relate to. Do you think rapper Pitbull is cheating because he simply uses the trending hashtag of the day?

Chat away

Join chats and be an active participant. As you get to know your fellow chatmates, and they you, you will build a rapport. There will be a sort of camaraderie that will help in trusting one another’s tweets and messages. You can start the ball rolling by retweeting and sharing their messages. Soon enough they will be obliged to return the favor. The number of chatmates and how many followers they have will determine how far your tweets reach.

Scheduling and timing matter

Make sure you don’t spam your followers. Apart from being annoying to your followers, it is highly frowned upon by Twitter itself. Sending out tweets too often could get you ignored by your followers, Muted by your followers, or banned by the platform. This applies doubly if the tweets are:

  • Self-promotional in nature
  • Advertisements or third-party promotions
  • On topics that are unrelated to your niche or of no interest to your followers

Timing is also an important aspect here. Make sure that you send tweets out when your audience are sure to read them. There are various studies that show the ideal times for sending out tweets. Take some time to go through them and adjust your schedules accordingly.

Connect your Twitter account with other social media

Even though you’re using Twitter, it doesn’t mean your tweets shouldn’t cross over to other social media platforms. If you already happen to have a decent number of followers on other platforms then it would only make good sense to let them know about the Twitter side of you. All it takes is a few clicks on your Twitter settings and you will have your tweets appearing on Facebook. There are many cross posting opportunities available:

If you want more people to see you, configure your account to be visible to everyone. While there are people who would rather their accounts remain private or visible to certain followers, you will need to make sure you get as much exposure as possible. After all, we are aiming for maximum reach.

Know where to place your links

Including links in your tweets will help increase your engagement rates. For optimal results, you will need to know where exactly you should place that link. One study uses a heat map to clearly show where you should place your links within your tweets. 

Let the pros do it for you

If, at the end of the day, you really want to boost your tweets, you will need to let the pros do it for you. Using our Twitter Auto Engagement Service will help boost every single tweet you send out. The best part is that you have nothing to worry about regarding Twitter regulations or your account’s reputation. You are getting safe engagements that will see your tweets getting increased engagement.

There are some magic words you should be aware of

study has shown which words are more effective for engagement. Quite surprisingly, using “please” and “RT” increases the chances of people pushing your tweets further. Take advantage of these keywords and implement them in your tweeting strategy for full effectiveness.

Analyze the overall result

Don’t just tweet and forget about it all. Go back every once in awhile and do some analysis to see what does and doesn’t work for you. As a matter of fact, make it a habit to use Twitter analytics tools. They will paint a clear picture of what part of your strategy is working and what you will need to change if you want to boost your tweets.

This is an ongoing process that you will need to adopt throughout your tweeting career. Remember, there is always room for improvement and you should keep growing.

Use a call to action

Tell your followers what you want them to do. Ask for retweets, ask for link clicks, etc. Don’t let all your tweets be monotoned, matter-of-fact statements. Pull your readers in with calls to action.

Push them to share your tweets, vote in your polls, reply to your questions, and like them.

Use images and videos

Using a variety of media attachments keeps people interested in your tweets. Most people tend to scroll through Twitter and your chance of making them stop and read your tweets will increase highly if you have an image or video. A good trick here is to take advantage of the auto-expand view which will certainly increase your engagement rates as your followers literally see the big picture.

Use Periscope for live events

Take your tweeting to the next level by using Periscope to stream videos. This little Android and iOS app will let you stream live videos right through Twitter. Ever since its inception in 2015, the app has quickly grown to be one of the most popular Twitter add-ons with over 10 million accounts and over 200 million streams being registered in just about a year.

Liven things up by reporting events as they occur and you will surely end up either becoming a star or an ace reporter.

Boost your tweets and you will see instant results

As you may have realized by now, Twitter is a great tool that can help you reach millions of people at once. To truly harness its powers you will need to reach even further out into the Twitter-sphere. To achieve this, you will need to:

  • Tweet on a personal level: Show warmth towards your readers and you will see them respond with affection too.
  • Be current: No one wants to read old news. Tweet about latest news headlines, live stream when you can, and keep sending updates as your story continues to unfold.
  • Learn about smart tweeting tactics: Brush up, and stay current, on how to use hashtags, links, media, and calls to action.
  • Stay social: Join or create chats, engage influencers, and be an all-rounded contributor that everyone would want to follow.
  • Analyze and perfect your tweeting: Learn how to use the numerous Twitter analytics tools that are out there and then master them. Keep an eye on your tweets’ performance. Tweak your tweeting strategy when you come across any shortcomings and everything should soon be fine.

With all these tips in place, you will surely see your efforts to boost your tweets have instant and impressive results.