How Buying Retweets can Improve your SEO Strategy

Every website on the Internet can do with a little help from a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Being able to rank higher in search results always spells good news for your website. You, as a website owner, should give SEO a high priority in the overall running of your site.

Every website needs to keep rolling out SEO campaigns during a website’s lifetime. As soon as you stop maintaining your search engine result page (SERP) ranking, your website’s traffic will start to wane. There are many ways to improve your website’s SEO, we will be focusing on one particularly effective way: buying Twitter retweets.

How can buying retweets improve your SEO strategy?

Before we jump into seeing how buying retweets can improve your SEO, let’s have a look at the results of a good SEO campaign. This will help further clarify the points that follow later. A good SEO campaign will result in:

  • An increase of traffic to your website
  • Longer time spent on your website by your visitors
  • A rise in the number of sales from the increased traffic

When people retweet your tweets they are actually doing you a big favor. It means your message has struck a chord with them. Every retweet is a vote in your favor as a trusted source of information in your industry. This tweeter understands the effort that goes into Twitter marketing and decided to help with retweets:

This fact helps your Twitter SEO campaign by:

Establishing you as an authority

A good sign you are a person of authority on a subject is when people listen to what you have to say, and then believe in your message. When people have really taken your message to heart they will share it as a retweet. Personal experience will certainly be a plus:

You can take advantage of this fact by embedding links in your tweets which will help you get people to head back to your website.

Spreading word about your products

Studies have shown that being exposed to online products increases a person’s chances of purchasing them. One particular study conducted by Twitter showed that exposure to a brand could increase its sales. Now, imagine the products or services gaining the exposure were yours. Having retweets all over the Twitter-sphere would lead to healthy profit margins for you. The guys at Samsung know this for a fact:

Establishing your brand

Taking the previous point a step further, you can influence people who read your tweets by making them aware of your brand. Creating an indelible image of your brand in your Twitter followers’ mind will make them turn to your products or services first whenever they need them. The more exposure your brand gets through retweets, the better-established it becomes and the more people will want to get their hands on it:

Driving traffic back to your website

Your retweets should include links that lead back to your products or any critical pages on your website that you want to share. If the message accompanying your tweet is relevant enough, and the call to action is also compelling enough, your retweets will result in increased clickthrough rates. This ultimately leads to more traffic to your website.

Increasing your online presence on the Internet

If you become a prolific tweeter, the long term cumulative statistics will eventually push the odds in your favor. We’re talking about your tweets being retweeted and including mentions in them to show their origins. In simpler terms: the more relevant tweets you send out, the greater the chances of your getting mentioned in retweets as people look to find the source of the pertinent information.

The increase in mentions, in turn, will make people who have, to this point, been oblivious of your existence sit up and take notice of you. If you’re lucky, curiosity will get the better of them and they will track you all the way back to your website. This strategy would be much more effective if you were able to create viral tweets that would create organic retweets. Look at what Business at Rovers did to create awareness about Elton John’s concert:

Offers the opportunity for reviews and creating a buzz

One sly marketing strategy for improving your SEO ranking is to create a buzz about your product or service. The best way to do that is to have people retweet you. Searches done on Twitter using keywords that are related to your product or service will eventually lead to your tweets. This means you need to optimize your tweets for Twitter’s own search engine so your retweets will also rank high. The more buzz you create with your keywords in your tweets and retweets, the more leads you can generate. 

Here’s a Zayn fan creating the perfect tweet to create more retweets about his idol:

Social proof leads traffic to your website

Having your tweets carried by hundreds, or even thousands, of retweets will help create social proof. People will want to know what you and your business are all about. Again, the links embedded in your tweets will be decisive in driving those who want to know what all the fuss is about on towards your website.

Author Dianne Harman uses it to generate book sales for her latest work:

If you already have a decent number of followers then you will clearly see that Twitter is the ideal tool for you to use to improve your SEO. But don’t despair, if you don’t have the right numbers you can always buy retweets to get even more retweets.

How to get as many retweets as you can

Below, we will see some tips and tricks you can use in your Twitter SEO campaign to ensure your tweets get retweets. These trips and tricks include:

  • The message matters: Send out messages we would want to read and then share.
  • Don’t fill it all out: Think “retweets” and leave extra space for “RT @YourHandle” in your messages.
  • Cultivate interest: Make your tweets interesting by attaching images or videos.
  • Stay current: Some of your followers will want updates on something only you have the exclusive on. If you know something no one else does, spill the beans and we will all lap it up.

  • Don’t be too serious: Humor goes a long way, so do be funny sometimes. Many marketing professional have discovered that tickling your consumers’ funnybone can result in an increase in sales.
  • Use critical hashtags: Know what will pique our interest (check out trending topics for a clue) and use hashtags smartly so we can find you.

  • Create a killer profile: Your followers need to know you well before they can trust you enough to retweet your messages. Using keywords in your profile description will make it easier for it to be discovered. Logos, profile photos, etc. should be of professional quality. In short, come up with a killer profile.
  • Help people: Make sure your tweets add value to your followers’ and readers’ lives.
  • Don’t spam: Spammers get dropped because they are annoying and nobody likes them. If you want people to continue following you, remember the golden rule – “No Spamming!”

These tweeting tips will get you the number of retweets that will, in turn, help get your website’s SEO ranking. A final tip for you to consider is that you shouldn’t include a link back to your website in all of your tweets. Do so with reserve so people won’t tire of your constant “nagging”. Even when you buy retweets, make sure you do so in gradual increments and do it from businesses that know what they are doing.

What you’ve learned about SEO and buying retweets

In this post we’ve seen how retweets can make your Twitter SEO campaign a more successful affair. The main trick, you’ve learned, is to buy retweets. Take the lessons you have learned in this post to heart and apply them in your next campaign to see tangible results. Remember:

  • The better the quality of your tweets, the greater the chances of their being retweeted
  • Use variety in the content, don’t just drone on and on about the same thing
  • Include back-links in some, but not all, of your tweets
  • Use hashtags wisely in your tweets
  • Make sure you have keywords in your Twitter profile so you can easily be found to begin with

Most importantly, keep sending tweets out – consistency is key. As you continue to use Twitter more, you will get a “feel” for it and see which techniques work best for you. Tweet well and see your SEO rankings fly to the top.