Hashtag Tracking Tools: Find the Trends That’ll Make you Popular

  • Date: August 25, 2017/
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  • Author: Ernest Thompson

Personal and business account users on Twitter can benefit from tracking their performance. An important way to do this on Twitter is by keeping an eye on how well your hashtags are doing. You can do this easily by using hashtag tracking tools. I am going to show you the best tools out there.

Hashtag Tracking tools: Hashtagify

Hashtagify helps you see how popular your hashtags are, as well as recommend hashtags which are related to the ones you are searching. In fact, you can think of the free service as the “Google” of hashtags where you can search for keywords that will help make your tweets more popular.hashtag tracking tools hashtagify

The main tool that you can use on the website lets you search for any hashtag and then shows any others that are related to it. You can even see the correlation factor to determine how closely it relates – the bigger the relation, the more people use it with the main hashtag.

With this tool, you can come up with a set of hashtags that you can use to increase the reach and popularity of your tweets. Other functions of the tool will show you who the influencers are with that particular hashtag. This will help you reach out to the people that matter the most in your chosen field.

Hashtag Tracking tools: Hootsuite

This overall Twitter monitoring tool is one of the most popular ones on the market today. The fact that Hootsuite offers so many features, even with its free version, makes it the tool of choice for serious tweeters – businesses and individuals alike.hashtag tracking tools hootsuite logo

Features you can expect from this tool include:

  • Multiple social media profiles: Whether you have more than one Twitter account or want to manage it in collaboration with your other social media accounts, Hootsuite offers a dashboard that puts everything together. You can work on all of your accounts from one dashboard.
  • Detailed analytics: Hootsuite offers arguably the most detailed analytics for your content. You can see which tweets enjoy the most engagement, which hashtags are popular, and how your campaign is performing overall.
  • Tweet scheduling: Take some time off and let a scheduler handle your tweeting for a while.
  • Marketing campaigns: Design and release marketing campaigns like contests and sweepstakes.
  • Automatic content sharing: You can use RSS feeds from accounts that you find your followers are interested in. It’s a powerful content curation tool.
  • Task sharing: If you have more than one person working on your social media campaign, you can allocate tasks to them. You will be able to collaborate on your campaign effectively.

As you can see, Hootsuite can truly help you manage your entire Twitter campaign. It is a complete social management tool with hashtag tracking on the side.

Hashtag Tracking tools: Talkwalker

hashtag tracking tools talkwalkerAnother great social media tool comes by way of Talkwalker. Keep track of hashtags and mentions, and create alerts to find out when your hashtag pops up somewhere. With this tool you can listen to what is being said about you and your products.

You can also use it to monitor multiple Twitter accounts, or see how your campaign is going with regards to your other social media platforms as well. Some features you can expect:

  • Language integration: Talkwalker lets you keep track of hashtags in other languages. If there are people in other parts of the world using your hashtags you will know. It can even translate for you.
  • Image tracking: This tool you can monitor image usage on the social media platform. In other words, it is just not text hashtags you will be able to monitor, but images as well.
  • Advanced analytics: Talkwalker’s analytics tools will help you see how things are going.

There is no question that Talkwalker is a powerful hashtag tracking tool. Its ability to look at other languages, and image tracking, are very beneficial features.

Hashtag Tracking tools: RiteTag

When you’ve done all your research and still can’t decide which one to use, RiteTag is the tool for you. It uses an algorithm to help you choose better hashtags in real-time. This tool can help you decide whether you should use #StarWars, or #TheForceAwakens.

It can also auto-notify you when new hashtags related to your topics emerge. You will never miss a relevant hashtag marketing opportunity again.

If you want to learn more about your Twitter marketing it has three other powerful tools:

  • RiteTag: A scheduling tool that lets you include images.
  • RitePush: A tweet automation tool.
  • Rite.ly: A click tracking tool.

You can use this as a complete Twitter marketing tool, not just as a hashtag tracking tool.

Hashtag Tracking tools: Tweetchat

Out of all the hashtag tracking tools we have looked at, this is the one which helps you do what hashtags are best at; have conversations. The Tweetchat tracking tool is going to help you organize all of your hashtags into streams. You will then be able to track the conversations that people are having using your hashtags.

best hashtag tracking tools tweetchat

Useful features of Tweetchat include:

  • User blocking, so that you can filter the conversations of spam.
  • The ability to highlight certain users to better track their conversation.
  • Both mobile and desktop apps.

Once you have found the best hashtags for your marketing, this will help you better track them. You will then be able to better join in on these conversations with the most important people.

What you need to do with your hashtag tracking tools

The tools we have seen above will give you data on how well your hashtags are trending. Once you have the data find:

  • Best performing hashtags: You have hit gold with these hashtags. Just continue using them in more creative ways. Incorporate them into different types of media, maybe even start a cross promotional campaign.
  • Average performing hashtags: These have the potential of being improved upon. Tweak them to see if you can’t improve their performance. You could even search for similar hashtags to see if there are better options. The problem may also be the content associate with the tweet, you may want to improve it.
  • Sub-par performing hashtags: These hashtags need to be gotten rid of. If you really insist on using them, make them popular by using our Twitter Retweet Services. It just may be the kick your tweets need to go from sub-par to trending.

The hashtag tracking tools won’t do the work for you. They will just map out which hashtags are doing well and which aren’t. You will need to work on improving their performance.

Use trends to improve your hashtags’ popularity

trending hashtag trackingFor as long as you are on Twitter you will need to deal with the popularity of your tweets. Your main purpose will be to make sure you send out “perfect” ones and then keep them alive for as long as you can. A few tips to help you:

  • Use popular hashtags: You can make your tweets popular by including popular hashtags in your content.
  • Use Twitter trending: Choose trending hashtags on Twitter and then weave them into your content.
  • Create new hashtags: Creating your own hashtag, or using a relatively-unknown one, and then using our Auto Engagement Service can launch your entire marketing campaign into the Twitter stratosphere.

The main point here is that you can find hashtags that will gain exposure for your tweets, and then be retweeted by your followers.

Twitter marketing and hashtag tracking tools

We have seen how your hashtag tracking tools can help you become popular on Twitter. Just make sure you remember to:

  • Use a variety of tools to see how your hashtags are truly performing.
  • Remember that hashtags are for conversations.
  • Some conversations are better when you block out spam users.
  • The trending section is where the best hashtags are. Fine those which will best match your style of content.

You need to get your hashtag tracking tool today to start monitoring the performance of your hashtags. Once you have the data, you can improve on their performance to improve your Twitter marketing, and reach more followers.