Get More Twitter Impressions to Popularize your Tweets & Content

We all know that your number of followers on Twitter is important, but perhaps one of the most neglected metrics by amateurs is Twitter impressions. Your impressions are the number of people on Twitter who have seen your tweets. The more people who see your tweets, the more opportunities you have to meet all of your Twitter goals.

It is time for you to pay attention to more than the number underneath your Twitter follower count. You need to start looking into the Twitter impressions metric so that you can get a better idea of how you are truly performing over time, and which content is performing the best.

What are Twitter impressions?

Twitter impressions come from when someone sees a tweet of yours in their home timeline, or when they see it in search results, or somewhere else online such as a website.

There are many places where you can get Twitter impressions:

  1. Your followers seeing your tweets.
  2. One of your followers retweets you, and that person’s followers sees the tweet.
  3. Someone does a search on Google and that brings up your tweet.
  4. When people are looking through trending hashtags and topics.
  5. Embedded tweets on the websites or blogs display your tweet and people come across it there.

You can find out your tweet impression numbers by simply going to your Twitter Analytics dashboard. Twitter keeps track of the results for you right there.

Get Twitter impressions using: Popular hashtags

The easiest way to quickly increase your Twitter impressions is to use a hashtag which is trending. This can vastly increase your impressions because people are coming to these hashtags and scrolling through the timeline of those hashtags to see what everyone is saying.

Trending on that most superstitious of days is #Fridaythe13th. The tweet which is currently at the top of the trending timeline for this hashtag is:

Being at the very top of a trending hashtag can vastly increase your Twitter impressions. The fastest way to shoot to the top is to get as many Twitter retweets as possible. Not only will the retweets improve your impressions, but they will get you to the top of trending chart. Many people are using our Twitter Retweet Services to do exactly that.

Be sure to choose trending topics and hashtags you actually know something about, and can contribute to. Spamming them will not help your Twitter impressions, it can actually decrease it when people hit the Twitter mute button on your account.

Get Twitter impressions with better timing

This is a strategy which will maximize your current followers. When you start tweeting at the time when the most number of your followers are online you have a better chance of getting impressions from them. Just because you have 10,000 followers does not mean that you will get 10,000 impressions from them on every tweet. You will only get as many impressions as there are those which are online when tweet goes out.

There are a number of tools which you can use to determine the best time to tweet:

Each of these tools automatically checks to see when the highest number of your followers is online. You can then either choose to tweet at those times, or set tools to automatically tweet for you.

Get Twitter impressions with increased frequency

Yes, this probably seems like the most obvious way to get more impressions. But it’s about more than just tweeting more often, it’s about tweeting as often as you can… Without annoying your audience. Remember that the Twitter mute button is just one push away from forever lowering your potential for impressions.

You need to gradually increase your tweets and then stop once you start seeing any dip in your metrics. Generally speaking, the most interesting accounts cannot get away with anymore than 20 tweets per day. Honestly, what do you really have that’s worth tweeting on any topic more than 20 times in a day?

As you change the number of times it you tweet in a day, be sure to pay attention to your follower numbers. If your numbers start to drop on days when you tweet very often, you will know that you need to decrease your tweeting. To be even more accurate, you can use a tool like WhoUnfollowedMe.

Get Twitter impressions with retweet services

You can use both our single retweet services, and our account-wide Auto Engagement service, to increase your Twitter impressions. They will push your tweets out to a huge audience. The best times to use it include:

  • Use our Twitter Retweet Service to push the most important hashtags to you. This will get you to the top of the trending hashtags timeline.
  • Our Auto Engagement Service is best at increasing your overall impressions. This service will give you a certain number of retweets and likes every single day. You will have a sustainable success, and draw more people to following and retweeting your account.
  • For your complex and ongoing campaigns campaigns, you can use a combination of both services. This will help you have sustained success, and also push the most important tweets that you send out.

These two Twitter services that we offer are all about increasing Twitter impressions. When they are not doing it by radically increasing your reach, they are increasing your real impressions by their sheer numbers attracting people to actually look at your tweets instead of scrolling by.

Get Twitter impressions with better content

Long ago, in ancient Twitter times, Twitter existed purely as a one-to-one service: Every single tweet that was sent out would, at least in theory, be seen by your followers. Twitter has since rolled out an algorithm controlled option, and this has led to some tweets not being seen by users who choose to use this algorithm as it may not select your tweets to show to them.

This means that you are going to have to make sure that your content is worthy of showing up in their Home timeline. Here are the ways to track it:

  • The most important thing to track is what type of media your followers respond to best. Create a spreadsheet and group tweets by those which are just text, an image, a GIF, a video, or a live broadcast. Learn the type of media which your audience enjoys and skew your content towards that.
  • Create another spreadsheet which tracks the hashtags that you use. Keep track of their impressions, retweets, likes, clicks, and replies. When you find hashtags which get more impressions, those are the ones that you’re going to want to use.
  • Used tools such as Brand24, ExportTweet, and Keyhole to better track the performance of your hashtags. Every piece of data is important in these instances.

Constantly working on improving your content should be a goal on Twitter regardless of whether or not you are chasing impressions. Bad content is worthless to you, and your followers.

Get Twitter impressions with calls to action

Sometimes, all it takes is the right call to action to increase your Twitter impressions rapidly. If you are going after impressions there are some important calls to action which you should use:

  • Please retweet
  • Please RT
  • RT for ___, Like for ___
  • @Tag a friend
  • Tell me/us what you think

Specific calls to action are going to help increase activity on your tweets. Be sure to make your calls to action something that will activate any type of activity that will increase impressions, or drive traffic to your website if that’s your goal. This will spur your audience to take the right actions at the right time.

Get Twitter impressions with better SEO

Ever since Google and Twitter started working together to allow the indexing of tweets you can get more impressions through search engines. I know that you just want to tweet whatever feels good at the moment, but a little bit of thought on how you can get your tweets into search engines can get you more impressions. Here is how it looks on Google:

twitter seo google

You need to spend a little bit more time thinking about the words that you will use in your tweets. A little bit of keyword research can go a long way to helping your tweets show up in Google research search results, as well as Twitter search results.

Get Twitter impressions with website embedding

At this time, no one is 100% sure if Twitter counts embedded content for impressions. Looking at their recent cookie agreements with websites, it is very likely that they are starting to track it via these cookies.

There are a number of ways to get more impressions through websites:

  • Using your own website to embed tweets.
  • Embedding your tweets in your own blog posts.
  • Messaging prominent websites and blogs in your industry and sending them tweets which could add to their content.
  • Participating in Twitter chats which do blog post summaries of the best tweets.
  • Posting your tweets on forums.
  • Adding a Twitter Timeline widget to your website.
  • You can also look at embedding tweets on other social media websites. It’s possible that Twitter can track this, if not it could still lead to people clicking on the tweet and seeing it on Twitter anyway.

Your tweets have many chances to gain more impressions if you use the entire Internet. Embedding tweets is incredibly easy, especially in WordPress when all you need is the URL, and to put it on a blank line.

That is how I have embedded the very important tweet above. If you’re not using WordPress, you can simply take the code directly from Twitter and insert it in your HTML:

twitter impressions with embedding

Better Twitter marketing with more Twitter impressions

When you boil it all down, every form of marketing is primarily concerned with impressions; TV shows with a larger audience command a higher fee for commercials. Magazines with a higher circulation have a higher page rate.

On Twitter, you can accurately measure, and more importantly control, this important metric. The difference is that Twitter does not rely on Nielsen ratings, or circulation numbers. Twitter relies upon impressions which you can clearly see, and can control by:

  • Using popular hashtags
  • Improving your timing
  • Finding the perfect frequency
  • Using our services
  • Directing your followers with calls to action
  • Having better SEO practices
  • Embedding content on websites

These are all proven ways to get more Twitter impressions. Keep using more and more of them and watch your overall Twitter marketing goals be reached.