How to Get Cheap Website Traffic from Twitter

Your website needs consistent traffic. You need to use every available method to keep increasing the amount of traffic headed your way. One of the best traffic generators is social media . I am going to specifically look at how you can get cheap website traffic using Twitter.

Get cheap website traffic using Twitter

Depending on the end result you want to achieve, you can drive traffic to either your homepage, blog posts, or other landing pages. While all the pages may serve a different purpose, the way to drive traffic to them remains the same. Your first consideration will be making people want to click on the link you have embedded in a tweet. Let’s look at the ways you will craft better tweets:

  • Hashtags: Learn how to use hashtags for storytelling. The trick is coming up with unique hashtags that represent you well. They should be easy to remember while being interesting enough for your readers to want to click on to find out what it is all about. When you use these hashtags be sure to connect them with other tweets with related content. Another point to remember…

  • Scour trending hashtags: Use Twitter’s trending hashtags section to find hashtags that are related to your account. You can use tools like Hashtagify to get your creativity going. You can “hijack” them to send out your own message and see your tweets being read by thousands of followers. If you want your tweets to be seen, you can buy Twitter retweets to push your tweet up in the “Top Tweets.”
  • Call out with @mentions: You can use @mentions to attract the attention of anyone – including influencers. But be careful when you do this. You do not want to keep pestering people so much so they end up reporting you. Also, always remember to @mention people that would be interested in your content. Otherwise, you are wasting your time.
  • Amplify your tweet mentions: If you’re lucky enough to get tweeted about, retweet those tweets. Those who tweet about you will appreciate that you read tweet them, and they may in turn re-tweet your tweets which have your links in them. Your best bet for getting website traffic cheaply is to exploit the audiences of others.

  • Polls attract attention: Create polls centred around your website links. You can create leading questions like “What do you think of this product?” and “What would you change about this video?” that would lead the reader to click on the link to go back to your site and check the product or video out.
  • Calls to action work well: Always have a call to action with every single tweet. Encourage your readers to retweet, click on links, tag their friends, and simply be genuinely “social.” Calls to action let your followers know what you want, let them know that you want clicks on your links.

Your ability to get your followers to click on links depends on how well you compose your tweet. Big part of that composition is going to be your media, we’ll look at that now.

Use media files wisely

Spruce up your “boring” text-only tweets by adding eye candy to them. Don’t forget that most Twitter users rapidly scroll down their screens and only stop when they find something that is either, interesting, familiar, or eye-catching. Use the following tips to grab their attention:

  • Use media files: Media attachments increase retweet and engagement rates. Attach pictures, videos, and infographics to attract more readers. The numbers don’t lie…
  • Twitter Cards: Twitter Cards increase visibility and show images from your website. For this method to work the images on your site should be eye-catching. Bright images that stand out not only look good, but they also grab your attention instantly. Here is CNN using a website card. It provides an image and additional text wish does not count toward the character count. It gives you more information in order to decide whether or not you will click on the link.

  • Media files need calls to action too: Have calls to action in your videos and on your images. “Click on the link at the end of this video,” “Click on the image to go to…,” and “Find out more by going to…” will do wonders to increase your clickthrough rates.

Get creative with your imagery and video content. The more original your content is the better it will be able to drive cheap website traffic.

Using your website or blog

You can use the content on your website or blog to attract traffic back to it. Use Twitter to spread the word about this content and include their links in the tweets. Share stuff from them with these tips in mind:

  • Excerpts draw in readers: Send out an exciting excerpt from one of your blog posts. This will usually involve a few sentences from the most important paragraph in your content.
  • Teasers pique interest: Create teasers that tell half the story and forces readers to go to back to your site to get the full story. Make the beginning so juicy that your readers can’t help but follow you back to your website to quench their curiosity. Here’s an example…

  • Draw people in with prizes: Create quizzes and competitions on your website or blog and tweet about it. Make the prizes appealing to click on for traffic.
  • Use other people’s wisdom: Use a popular quote and then embed a link that leads to a related page. A quick online search will make you realize there is a quote for almost anything under the sun that you can use. Put it on a nice background picture or plain card and you will have created your own work of art. Richard Branson has this covered…

  • Play with numbers and charts: Statistics intrigue people, use yours in interesting ways. Learn how to create colorful pie or graph charts. Infographics present your data in fun ways and make it easy to consume the information. You can hire decent artists to create them for you pretty cheaply. It will help a lot if you manage to make your readers go “Hmmmm…” with your titles.

Don’t hold back when trying to grab the attention of your followers or readers. Keep the content interesting and you will see your impressions and engagements increase. On the other hand, you can get the content on Twitter by include the “Tweet This” button on your content to begin with. That way, you can retweet your own content back again.

Your bio can drive cheap website traffic too

While your tweets will do most of the driving of the traffic back to your website, you should also take care of one other aspect – your Twitter profile. Make sure you cover:

  • Work on your profile: One of the first things a Twitter account holder must do is create a great profile. For one, use colors and images to make it look professional so it will gain you some respect. Who wants to click on the links of an unprofessional account? No one.
  • Add details: People need to be impressed by your credentials. They need to trust you before they will follow your links back to your website. Fill your profile with as much relevant information about you as you can. Prior achievements, current positions, and qualifications will help your respectability.
  • Make your link visible: A smart move would be to include a link in your bio too. Twitter created that field for you to take advantage of. Include the link of your most important landing page.
  • Advertise your URL: Put the URL in your header image for another chance to drive traffic. That huge space at the top of your profile page would be wasted if you weren’t to add your URL on it too. It is the first place your visitors eyes are going to go to. Make your link the first thing they get to see.

Have a look at how Bill Gates’ profile encompasses the points mentioned above. He uses an image, his bio, and a URL to make sure people find out about his personal blog.

Cheap website traffic Bill Gates - Gates Notes

Your profile serves as a calling card on Twitter. Fill it with information that will make you more trustworthy as a link sharing information source. 

The advantages of using Twitter for cheap website traffic

Anyone that owns a website knows that traffic is always good for it. With traffic flooding your site, you get:

  • Branding: Your brand’s reputation will continue to grow as your tweets spread as they are passed from one retweet to another.
  • Profits: Sales, affiliate marketing, and add exposure all benefit. No matter how you make money online, cheap website traffic will help.
  • SEO: Your SEO rankings improve. One of the criteria that help push your website up search engine rankings is the amount of activity on your site. The more traffic you send back from Twitter, the better your website will look in the eyes of search engines like Google. Twitter SEO is a hot topic.

There is no downside to having people flock to your website. You can only win, all thanks to smart tweeting techniques and the organic traffic it can generate for you.

Drive cheap website traffic using Twitter now

We have seen that Twitter can be an effective tool in driving hordes of people to your website. Revising the main points we get:

  • Know that you can use Twitter to drive cheap traffic to your website
  • Develop your tweeting prowess to incorporate choosing the right hashtags and content
  • Focus on grabbing your readers’ attentions and reel them in with engagement
  • Create an information exchange by asking questions, taking polls, and hosting competitions
  • Enhance your tweets’ visibility by attaching media files and using Twitter Cards
  • Attract more interest by using intelligent content, excerpts, quotes, and statistics
  • Calls to action are a must – they encourage your readers to click on your links
  • Don’t forget your profile and bio – every inch of online real estate matters

With all the people you get heading towards your website, you will see a substantial improvement in your sales – directly or indirectly. You can not lose with cheap website traffic from Twitter.