Free Twitter Followers: Build Your Account Using Nothing but Your Time

Everyone wants to get more free Twitter followers. The more you have, the better validated your account is. When you get to a certain point your Twitter followers begin to snowball and grow rapidly. This article looks at a number of ways that you can get free Twitter followers; all they will cost you is time.

If you have decided that you would rather spend time than a little money to quickly grow with our Twitter Followers Service, these tactics will be sure to help your Twitter follower numbers increase.

Spend time to get free Twitter followers

Importing email contacts

The absolute easiest way to get free Twitter followers is to connect with people that you already know. Twitter allows you to import your email contacts from various email services. Since these people know you, they’re much more likely become a Twitter follower.

They can even do a little bit of promotion for you! Just be sure to let them know that you are now on Twitter. The best way to do it is by giving their account a @mention.

Import LinkedIn contacts

This is a separate procedure for importing people that you know on LinkedIn. These business and work contacts can be very important to your Twitter efforts. We all know that sometimes the people we work with know us even better than some of our friends.

Free Twitter followers are free Twitter followers, even if they’re ‘just’ work friends. To do this you will need to export a file of your contacts.

Initial tweeting when you open your account

One of the most important aspects of getting free Twitter followers is content. Your brand-new Twitter account will seriously be lacking in content. When you first open your account you will have the ability to tweet as often as you want.

Later in the life of your account you will want to slow down as you can annoy your followers. But when you have no followers… Who is it going to hurt? No one. Eventually, you will want to tweet at a more reasonable rate.

As the amount of content you have increases, so do your chances to connect with other Twitter users. You can discover things you have in common, begin talking about them, and gain free followers.

Track those who unfollow you

There’s no point in putting all of this effort into getting free Twitter followers if you don’t take the time to correct your mistakes. Your Twitter follower count does not always go up, sometimes it can go down when people decide to unfollow you.

FollowerWonk is a tool that is designed to help you watch your follower churn. Watch for when you have significant drops in your followers, or when important followers stop following you. You need to look back on the days that they left and see if there is something in your content which they may not have liked, and track that trend.

If they are a truly valuable influencer, maybe you should get in contact with them and see if they will follow you again. Ask them what went wrong, and try to apologize. Either way, preventing yourself from losing followers is going to help your follower numbers grow. If you are gaining as many as you are losing you will not get anywhere!

Use your other social media accounts

I am willing to bet that you use other social media besides Twitter. You likely have a Facebook account, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and a bunch of others. You need to periodically remind your audience there that you are on Twitter, and send them to your account.

This is one small aspect of the cross promotion which you should always try to do. It is not possible to reach your entire audience on one platform at the same time. Sometimes they’re on Twitter, sometimes they’re on Facebook. Spreading your efforts across platforms will help you get free Twitter followers, and connect with your audience on a more regular basis no matter which platform they are on.

Join Twitter chats

Twitter chats are a perfect opportunity to expand your reach, meet new people, and turn those people into free Twitter followers. There are thousands of chats going on all over Twitter. They cover nearly every genre you can think of, and you are sure to find one which interests you.

Here is how Twitter chats work:

  • A Twitter account decides on a topic they want to talk about.
  • They create a hashtag which will organize the chat.
  • This hashtag will be promoted in advance, particularly for the time that the chat will take place.
  • The hosting account will send out the first tweets. These will often be questions that those joining in will answer.
  • Once it is time for the chat to begin users will enter the hashtag into the search bar so that they can follow and tweet along.
  • The host will conclude the chat, and thank everyone for joining.
  • It is not unusual for the host to take the best tweets and turn them into a blog post, YouTube video, or some other form of content.

There are many opportunities to get free Twitter followers when you join Twitter chats. You can get them during the chat, and you can still get them afterward if the host repurposes the content into other media.

Staying on top of current events

Twitter is where people go to hear about what is happening right now. Anything that is going on in the news is also being discussed on Twitter. This is when things begin to trend.

Trending hashtags and topics are absolutely vital to Twitter. There are two basic kinds of trends; those which occur regularly, and those which occur randomly. An example of a regular one is #MondayMotivation:

You can have content ready in advance for these recurring hashtags. Other examples include:

  • #TuesdaySelfie, #TransformationTuesday
  • #WednesdayWisdom, #WonderfulWednesday
  • #ThrowBackThursday, #ThankfulThursday
  • #FollowFriday, #TGIF
  • #Caturday, #SocialSaturday
  • #SundayFunday, #SundayRead

On the flipside are trends which appear randomly. You need to pay attention to the trending hashtags and topics that come up. When you come across one, be sure to add something relevant to the discussion or people can hit the Twitter mute button.

Twitter users hitting the mute button is the opposite of getting free Twitter followers; it is losing the opportunity to get Twitter followers forever. Those that mute you will never see one of your tweets again.

Tweet inspirational quotes when you’re out of ideas

Inspirational quotes are a perfect type of Twitter content. They are short, can be easily digested and understood, and people enjoy retweeting them so that they have easy content as well. The most popular way to do this is with text overlaid on an image of the person who said the quote:

Inspiring nature shots also work. To be honest, the right quote on a simple black background will work. The key is the inspiration.

Find and interact with influencers

Twitter influencers are those who already have many followers. For every topic on Twitter, there is an influencer that commands an audience. To get free Twitter followers you should:

  • Start following their account and observing their behavior. They have been successful at getting followers, and there’s something you can learn from them.
  • Begin replying to their tweets and becoming familiar to them. They may jump in and start talking to you right away.
  • Share their content and @mention their account. They will see that you are promoting them, and will likely become more interested in you. Even if this doesn’t happened you are still sharing valuable information to your current followers.

  • As your relationship with this influencer develops over time, you can start asking them to share or retweet your content. You will also find that participating in replies to their content that you’ll get free Twitter followers simply from people who are also following these conversations.

Some influencers will be more keen to speak with you than others. Some will be absolutely impossible to get a response from. You will never know until you put in the time. The most valuable thing that you do here may not be connecting with that influencer at all, but connecting with someone in their audience.

Use Twitter scheduling tools

Twitter scheduling tools are perfect for when you find a great article, or several great articles, but you don’t want to tweet them immediately. This could be very helpful when you go on a reading spree and find five great articles you want to share all at once, but know that it will be overwhelming to share all of them at the same time.

You can read about Twitter scheduling tools in detail on our blog, but here are some of the best ones:

  • HootSuite
  • Buffer
  • Union Metrics
  • TweetDeck

Each one will have a different set of additional features, but they will all allow you to schedule tweets in advance. This will help you get more free Twitter followers by allowing you to spread your tweets out over time, and this can even help you reach people across the world as you tweet at the optimal time for their time zone.

Getting free Twitter followers is possible

Twitter is always better with more followers. It gives you more opportunities to interact with like-minded people, and more people to head toward your links and other online goals. There is no mistaking the fact that no matter what you want to do with Twitter, it’ll always be done better with more followers. Keep using the tactics discussed above, and you will no doubt grow your account.

For your other needs, try our services to grow your account faster. Our Auto Engagements Service will make all of your tweets more popular, while you can use our Twitter Retweet Service to focus on your most important tweets.