Design the Best Twitter Social Media Strategy

Rolling out a social media strategy is never an easy task. Right from the outset, you need to plan every step in detail before you have ever share your first piece of content. Then, there is the fact that rolling it out on Twitter makes it even more complicated, as you only have 140 characters per tweet to work with.

Like any social media platform, Twitter offers you a chance to engage with millions of people. In this article, you will learn how to roll out a perfect campaign that will be most effective on this particular platform. To achieve that goal you will see how to roll it out as part of a solid social media strategy.

How to design the best Twitter social media strategy

What do you aim to achieve?

There are four possible answers to this question. Those four achievements are:

  • Followers: Your aim is to increase the number of followers you have. How big the campaign will be will depend on the target number.
  • Leads: You intend to include links in your tweets for your followers to click on. Here you will be working towards driving traffic to your main website.
  • Sales: You’re promoting a product and want to see your sales increase. A link will be embedded in these tweets with a call-to-action that will take your followers to the sales pages.
  • Engagement: While all three answers above will still need active engagement on your part to succeed, in this particular case you’re doing it for the sake of engagement itself. Your main purpose is to reach out to your followers to create conversations, buzzes, and closer relationships. Here you will need to consider auto-engagements to boost your like, favorite, share, and retweet rates – at least in the beginning. Once you’ve built your numbers up it will be all about keeping the momentum going.

Your Twitter campaign will be defined depending on which of these answers you will have given. Each answer will require its own strategy.

Who belongs in your ideal demographics?

While engagement is what you’re going to build your social media strategy on, it doesn’t mean you should target everyone out there. Always aim for an ideal demographic that you decide will be the ideal follower. Reasons for aiming your social media strategy at a target audience include:

  • Effectiveness: Sending tweets out into the void, where no one will be interested in them, defeats the whole purpose. Sales, leads, engagements, and follower numbers will remain negligible if there is no one to receive or care about your tweets.
  • Save your energy: Targeting the wrong audience is a waste of time and effort. All of your work will be vain if you do not target your audience correctly.
  • Avoid spamming: Sending tweets and DMs out to everyone on Twitter could be annoying, especially if you don’t have a receptive audience. Do it one too many times and people might consider you a spammer and unfollow you, Or even block you.
  • Twitter will frown upon you: What is even worse is that if you annoy enough people you could get reported. This will result in a “time out.” Getting your account reinstated, with all your follower numbers intact, will be quite tough.
  • It could still get worse: Keep at it and you could get kicked off of Twitter for good, and you really don’t want that.

Stay focused on the people who matter and won’t mind your regular updates. Not only will trying to contact everyone be a fruitless effort, but it could wind up hurting you in the long run.

What hashtags should you use?

A common way for Twitter accounts to be found is through hashtags. You will need to have a focused hashtag research schedule and stick to it. To help you with this task:

  • Use every possible Twitter tool you can to come up with great hashtags
  • Keep track of trending or viral hashtags so you can use them to join chats and conversations
  • Track the performance of your hashtags and tweak them as needed – if they perform well use them more often, if not, drop them
  • This isn’t a one time thing, have a recurring schedule to do more research and refresh your hashtag list

There are two basic hashtag strategies on Twitter. The most common is to join in on trending hashtags. Columbia records knew that they needed to join in on #HarryStylestoday when it startedtrending:

The other type of hashtag is when you create your own and use it consistently to build a story about your Twitter account. Nike recently did this with their #breaking2 hashtag campaign:

Anyone interested in it could click on the hashtag and follow the whole story.

Create the perfect ambience

Use social proof to draw more people in

Although it might sound like a typical case of Catch-22, the best way to get lots of followers is by having, well, lots of followers to begin with. People usually want to follow accounts that already have the masses’ attention. This is due to social proof.

Take yourself as an example – would you rather follow a person with a couple of hundred followers or one with millions of them? You would choose the latter because the numbers told you this was someone worth listening to. The easiest way to quickly boost your numbers is by using our Twitter Follower Service. With your numbers quickly boosted you will have an easier time drawing new followers to your account.

Engagement strategies for Twitter

Focus on breaking news

If you have access to the latest news in any field, you will always have followers. This method becomes even more effective if you are an enthusiast or an expert in your field of choice as it might lead to your becoming an influencer.

Time your tweets perfectly

Timing is everything on Twitter. For maximum exposure and reach:

  • Be consistent, yet know when to ease off the tweet button
  • Use scheduled tweets very carefully as they could lead to problems
  • Resend important tweets to make sure people see it in case they missed it the first time
  • Finally, know when to send your tweets out so they reach their intended targets

Start, and take part in, conversations

Talking to, and with, your followers will increase your chances of retaining them. Take the time to reach out to them. Simply sending out tweets will make you out to be cold and impersonal.

Tweet smart

Don’t use up all of your 140 characters. Leave some space so people who retweet you will have space to add a comment.

Ask for RTs

Asking for retweets, especially if you say “Please,” will help push up your chances of getting your wish. Be polite and it will pay off.

Follow back

When people follow you, make sure you follow them back. Remember, it is all about being social which means it is not a one-way street. Your followers may wait a few days after they start following you before they decide to unfollow you. Keep an eye on new followers and respond in kind in the shortest possible time.

Pictures help create warmth

Whenever possible try to make your tweets more attention-grabbing by attaching images to them. Studies have shown that tweets with accompanying images get 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and a whopping 150% more retweets. Images are an important aspect of keeping your followers engaged.

Don’t forget links and videos

While they may not be as effective as pictures and images, videos and links too can help push your tweets’ reach. Make sure your links send your readers to quality sites or products. The attached videos should also be relevant and get straight to the point. You will only have a matter of seconds to impress your viewers.

Advanced search lets you dig deep

Many people make the mistake of ignoring the advanced search features Twitter has. While the search box at the top of your page will get you quick results, opting for advanced search will result in a gold mine of information.

You can drill down to find individual tweets, people who are interested in your niche, and locations that could be relevant to your topics. Use them all and reach out to more relevant people. Use Twitter search tricks to further empower your searches.

Learn from the best

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If you find your competitors or leaders in your niche are doing something right, “adopt” their social media strategy. Keep an eye out for ingenious and novel marketing techniques and copy them. Of course, you will need to carefully customize it to fit your particular campaign.

Use competitions to draw people in

A good way to get your followers to turn from passive to active participants in your social sphere is to give them a reason to do so. Hold competitions which will let your followers win something. Come up with creative prizes the winners will want to keep. It doesn’t have to be money or anything costly. Autographed pictures, mentions on relevant websites, discounts to venues, etc. all make great and interesting prizes.

Measure your success

Putting all this effort into your Twitter social media campaign and not tracking the progress is simply wrong. Use tested analytics tools to gauge how each tweet is performing. Take stock of what works well with your followers in terms of retweets, shares, and favorites. Don’t forget to study why your worst performing ones aren’t doing so well as a lesson on what to avoid.

Building the best Twitter social media strategy

In this post you have gone through all the steps that are needed to build the best Twitter social media strategy. Points you need to focus on are:

  • Attention to social engagement
  • Having a clear-cut target to aim for
  • Knowing who you’re going to make your pitch to
  • Realizing hashtags are important and that you need to do research to come up with perfect ones
  • Jump-starting everything with our Auto Engagement Service
  • Keeping in mind that content matters; use images, videos, and links for better engagement
  • Monitoring your progress to keep improving

Your social media strategy will achieve all the goals you have set for yourself and be fruitful. Just focus on implementing the steps you have just read through. If you don’t see much improvement at first, be patient as every Twitter social media strategy needs time to grow. Keep tweaking and improving your methods until it is all smooth sailing.