The Best Twitter Accounts: @Rihanna Rules Retweets

It is no surprise that one of the most popular musicians of the past 15 years is also one of the most popular Twitter users. If you are expecting the same Rhianna on Twitter that you get on Instagram, Bad Gal Riri, you are either in for a surprise or a disappointment.

Her Twitter account is focused on marketing, teaching people that they can present different sides of themselves on different social media platforms. Let’s learn why @Rihanna is one of the best Twitter accounts.

How did Rihanna succeed on Twitter?

Selling over 10 million albums, and winning eight Grammy awards, should tell you that Rihanna has been successful in the music world. A lot of her success in the music world has led to her success on social media as her fans want to know what she has to say.

What she has to say on Twitter comes down to two different things. What her fans come for are her personal tweets, which she sends out rarely:

Unfortunately, this is only seems to happen when something terrible occurs. I am sure that her fans do appreciate these messages during difficult times.

The other type of message sent out on this account, which is the most prevalent by far, is content directly related to marketing. Rihanna has two main types of products she is associated with; a makeup line, and a sneaker/clothing deal with Puma:

The incredible style with which all of these tweets are presented keeps their appeal high for her audience. This is one of those instances when marketing is not a turnoff on social media. It is further evidence of the fact that Twitter influencers are incredible for marketing in an online environment.

Use of unique hashtags and splinter accounts

Rihanna’s use of unique hashtags help her tell stories using her Twitter account. She uses them exactly the way you should and includes unique hashtags with certain products. This allows her fans to click on the hashtag to learn more about the product:

You will also notice she uses a splinter account. This is an account dedicated specifically to her makeup line. It is another point of contact for those that are interested specifically in this type of content, while her main account is for general interest.

Rihanna uses social proof from influencers

Rihanna hasn’t become successful on her own, she has had many different companies, agencies, and media outlets pushing her talent. To take advantage of this on Twitter she frequently retweets these influencers. Here are two which she has recently retweeted:

She is also unafraid to publicly call on other Twitter influencers. A recent campaign saw her contacting world leaders:

When they responded, it showed her followers that she’s a force to be reckoned with in not only the music world, but the world in general.

Fan support groups

You can think of Rihanna’s fan support groups as Twitter influencers. While most musicians refer to their fans as an army, or a nation, Rihanna has the Navy. She actively pushes her fans to use this name:

This helps give her followers a sense of identity. We have been seeing it since the KISS Army, and it continues to help communities build around an artist. If you’re curious, the nickname comes from her 2009 song G4L, where she sings:

“We’re an army, better yet a navy, better yet crazy.”

This nickname was further solidified when she appeared in the 2012 movie Battleship.

What are Rihanna’s best tweet stats?

As the fifth most popular Twitter account in the world, behind Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, and Taylor Swift, you can be sure that she has done some impressive things on Twitter:

  • Join Twitter: She joined Twitter in October 2009. Check out the fact that she has tweeted over 10,000 times since then. That works out to about 104 tweets per month. All of that, and she still had time to release 6 albums with their accompanying world tours!
  • Number of followers: Rihanna currently has over 80 million followers. That is an impressive number by any measurement, but she is about 25 million behind world-leading Katy Perry, and 5 million behind 4th place Taylor Swift.
  • Popular hashtags: She has helped a number of hashtags get popular. Some are related to her marketing, such as #FentyxPuma, and #FentyFace. She has also popularized other hashtags such as #HurricaneIrma, #GlobalScholarshipProgram, and #FundEducation.
  • First tweet: Rihanna has been focused on her marketing on Twitter right from her first tweet. That first tweet announced the release date for her next album, Rated R.

  • Twitter feuds: Rihanna has been known to use Twitter in a controversial fashion at times. For instance, she called President Trump an “immoral pig.” This was in response to his first Muslim ban. She has also had minor feuds with Charlie Sheen, and Ciara. The Ciara tweets were taken down, but a few fans preserved one of Rihanna’s responses.

For the most part, Rihanna keeps her Twitter account largely focused on marketing rather than personal issues. If you want to get personal with Rihanna you head to Instagram…

how I woke up feeling after my #FENTYxPUMA show last night! my. robe. is. betta. than. yours.

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Rihanna’s most popular tweets

The most popular tweet that she has sent out was the above criticism of Pres. Donald Trump. Her second most popular tweet was… Also a criticism of Pres. Donald Trump:

She does not often talk about political issues, but when she does the Twittersphere blows up. This is not just a trend for her, Twitter is an absolutely explosive environment for political discourse. Her tweet on the Las Vegas shooting, seen at the top of this article, is her third most popular tweet of all time. To put things a little bit more on track, her fourth most popular tweet of all time is this:

Yas, Queen! This was just before ANTI was released, a long awaited album by her fans. They had been waiting for four years at the time of this tweet, and her saying that she was finally listening to a complete album really blew up.

Best Twitter accounts: Rihanna’s expert marketing

Rihanna has clearly defined the fact that she wants to use her Twitter account for marketing purposes. Her Instagram account is about having fun and being personal, but Twitter is where she really makes money. She does this by:

  • Creating hashtags dedicated to her products. She then links out to those products.
  • Managing splinter accounts for specialty content, and tweeting out those @usernames.
  • Not making very many personal comments. Not when compared to other Twitter celebrities, at least.
  • Reaching out to Twitter influencers and prominent people in the world of business and politics.

You may not be on her level, but any Twitter account can learn from these tactics, especially musicians. I would suggest that you focus on creating your own dedicated hashtags, and connecting with Twitter influencers who can help you promote your account as effectively as Rihanna has promoted hers.