The Best Twitter Accounts: @JustinBieber and the #Beliebers

Justin Bieber has been a pop phenomenon for nearly a decade now. He joined Twitter in the early days of the platform, and his star has risen along with Twitter itself. His 101 million Twitter followers puts him second on the all-time most followed list, behind only Katy Perry. Let’s look at why he has one of the best Twitter accounts, and show some learnable moments.

the best twitter accounts justin bieber

How did Justin Bieber reach the top?

Being one of the biggest names in pop music has certainly helped Justin reach the 100 million+ fan mark. What has really set him apart as a Twitter marketer is how often he tweets. He is nearing 31,000 tweets for his entire account’s career. That’s pretty impressive… Even if some of the tweets are this:

Mostly meaningless, but his #Beliebers love it. For comparisons sake, Katy Perry has just over 8600 tweets (many of them Instagram reposts) at this time. Considering they joined within a month of one another, you can see how often Justin tweets.

Justin Bieber’s many partnerships

To get to 31,000 tweets, and 101 million followers, you have to have a little help. Justin frequently retweets content from people he has partnerships with. This makes it easy for him to have fresh content available, while also pushing highly relevant content to his fans:

All he has to do with something like that is push retweet. You need to take advantage of moments like this as well. Be sure to retweet someone anytime they @mention you. To really capitalize on this moment, and to make them want to @mention you again, use our Twitter Retweets Service. That Twitter user will certainly notice you, and want to @mention you again in the future!

He @mentions his friends

Justin is always up to mention one of his friends, or someone he is collaborating with. This gives them the opportunity to see the tweet, and retweet it themselves:

This gives Justin another opportunity to grow his account even further by being exposed to the audience of those who retweet him.

Catching the attention of Twitter influencers is always a goal of anyone who wants to succeed on Twitter. Justin has it a bit easy because nearly all of his friends are influencers in their fields and genres.

Willingness to help charitable causes

Let’s be honest for a moment and admit that we all know that Justin has gotten into trouble over the years. If you were a millionaire teenager… Would you have done much better? I would’ve done much worse.

To help clean up his image Justin is always ready to participate in charitable causes. The most recent example of this is with #HandinHand. He tweeted about it multiple times to bring the maximum amount of exposure to the cause:

This allowed him to participate in a trending hashtag. Anyone looking for this trending hashtag would see him, and think of him a little bit more kindly. He may even pick up a few thousand Twitter followers this way. This wasn’t all about Twitter marketing, he actually showed up:

You may not be able to help charities at his level, but you can certainly mention them in your tweets and become part of these trends. Be genuine, and you’ll be sure to grow your account.

What are Justin Bieber’s best tweet stats?

Justin has amassed some pretty impressive Twitter statistics over the years. Here are a few of them:

  • Joined Twitter: Justin joined Twitter in March of 2009. If you do the math, that’s over 300 tweets per month!
  • Number of followers: Justin has been roughly 2,000,000 followers behind Katy Perry for the better part of a few years. He may never catch her, but his current 101 million followers is certainly nothing to sneeze at. It is an impressive feat.

  • Popular hashtags: Justin has created many trending hashtags over the years. His most popular hashtags include; #PurposeTourStadiums, #2U, #Justmojis, he was instrumental in launching the #MyCalvins campaign, and, of course, #Beliebers is always trending.
  • Awesome tweets: If you follow Justin for long enough, he will send out a true pearl of wisdom through his Twitter account… Or not. You don’t reach 31,000 tweets by only tweeting the most high quality content. Twitter is a bit forgiving to Justin.

  • Blocked from trending: Up until 2010, “Justin Bieber” was a trending topic on Twitter nearly every day. That all changed when Twitter changed its algorithm in order to look at things that were trending in the moment, rather than things that were trending long-term. Justin noticed what Twitter had done.

  • Apologies: Justin uses Twitter to send out personal apologies to fans when things go wrong. No one in this world is perfect, and no situation will ever be perfect, but you can take the time to acknowledge issues which are out of your control.

Justin has done some remarkable things since he joined Twitter. From being the most popular Canadian on the platform, and the second most popular overall, to having Twitter change its very functionality in order to accommodate for his extreme popularity.

Most popular tweet

Given how dedicated he is to his fans, it’s no surprise that his most popular tweet of all time directly addresses his fans:

Justin’s Twitter account is identifiable as one which comes directly from his fingers. It is not overtly promotional, or one which feels like it is controlled by a marketing manager. The tweet like the one above is demonstrative of this.

The lesson here is that is to take the time to send a few of your own tweets every now and then, no matter how popular you are. Not everything should be a controlled marketing message. Twitter is social media, you need to be social.

Best tweet this year

The most popular tweet he has sent in the last year was in response to the Ariana Grande disaster. His immediate reaction endeared himself to fans, and gave them some hope:

Every Twitter account is better when it tweets in real-time. Looking in on trends within your industry, as Justin is doing here with a fellow musician who is suffering, can only help your Twitter marketing.

Best Twitter accounts: Justin Bieber believes

You may want to write Justin off as just another popstar, but there is no denying the fact that his Twitter marketing is far above that of many brands and individuals. There is no secret to it. He simply uses it well by:

  • Tweeting often
  • Organizing hashtags
  • Participating in trending topics
  • Actually engaging with his fans

You may never break the 100 million Twitter follower ceiling, but you can learn from what Justin does in order to improve your own account.