The 50 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow

There are some truly entertaining moments happening on Twitter, and the 50 best Twitter accounts talked about in this article certainly have a few. Learning from the success of others is a sure way to help grow your own Twitter marketing. The 50 accounts we have selected for you have been divided into five groups for your convenience:

  • Marketers
  • Brands
  • News
  • Celebrities
  • Influencers

With 10 accounts for each topic, there is a wide variety of things you can learn. Keep scrolling down and you will see one exceptional tweet from each account!

The best Twitter marketer accounts

Donna Moritz

(@SociallySorted, 35.3K followers)

From the Land Down Under, we have a woman who is a social media strategist and visual marketing specialist. Based in Queensland, Moritz is all about “word-of-mouth marketing,” content strategy, and visual social media.

Businesses and individuals alike can either follow her tweets or go to her blog to learn about social media and content strategy. Her focus on integrating video into social marketing is noteworthy.

Gary Vaynerchuk

(@GaryVee, 1.4M followers)

A self-confessed “hustler,”, Vaynerchuk is an established expert when it comes to growing a business out of nothing. Vaynerchuk knows what he is talking about because he grew his family’s $3 million wine business into a $60 million enterprise.

Today, he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s most-renowned digital agencies. They are authorities on modern video production, media planning & distribution, and influencer marketing. He is also well-known for his cross-platform strategy.

Madalyn Sklar

(@MadalynSklar, 55.9K followers)

Having worked online for over 20 years, Sklar knows what the Internet’s potentials are. She was creating social media platforms before they were even known as such. She adopted social media, and especially Twitter, and grew with it as it developed.

Today, Sklar is a Twitter expert that can help you grow your business. She hosts #TwitterSmarter, a Twitter chat and podcast.

Larry Kim

(@LarryKim, 419K followers)

Kim started WordStream in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since. Presently, he is focused on Internet Marketing. He was named “2015 US Search Personality of the Year.”

Kim’s tweets are a goldmine of tips and tricks that you can put to practical use in your business’ marketing campaign. Tap into the expert advice on lead generation and Twitter ads that he offers.

Guy Kawasaki

(@GuyKawasaki, 1.44M followers)

Guy once wrote that he “may get more value out of Twitter than anyone else on the planet because I use Twitter as a tool—specifically as a marketing tool…” and he wasn’t kidding. He has marketing skills that are sought by some of the largest companies in the world. That is the reason he makes over 50 keynote speeches a year.

Guy is the top salesperson at Canvas, an online graphic design tool. He was formerly at Apple and is an ambassador for Mercedes-Benz. By following him you will learn how the big brands play on Twitter.

Glen Gilmore

(@GlenGilmore, 304K followers)

Glen is an all-round tech guy with expertise in wearables and the IoT. He is also a Digital Marketing, Crisis Communication, and Social Media Law instructor at Rutgers School of Business.

Gilmore was ranked as a Forbes “Top 20 Social Media Power Influencer” – twice. In a row. He is a published author and gives customized training to Fortune 500 members.

Chris Brogan

(@ChrisBrogan, 304K followers)

An author, journalist, marketing consultant, and speaker on social media marketing, Chris specializes in helping business owners “own their life.” He believes it is the only way they will really ever own their businesses.

He has spoken for, or consulted with, global corporations like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Sony USA, and Coca Cola. In 2014, Forbes listed Chris as one of the “Must Follow Marketing Minds” of the year while listing his website as one of the 100 best websites for entrepreneurs.

Darren Rowse

(@problogger, 218K followers)

You might not recognize Darren, but you will probably have heard of ProBlogger. It is his blog that helps bloggers make money from their writing.

Rowse started from humble beginnings to become the creator of one of the most revered websites in the blogging and business communities. He is the guy to follow if you want to know how you can make your content work for you. He will also teach you how to make money from your blogs.

Brian Clark

(@BrianClark, 173K followers)

Brian is a content marketing expert. How could he not be when is the founder of CopyBlogger, the Rainmaker Platform, StudioPress, and Synthesis?

Follow him and you will learn a lot that will definitely help you with your online success. You will,

  • Get an education on how to properly get your business’ messages out using content marketing.
  • Find out how you can attract more clients and customers using quality content.
  • Qualify with credentials that will make you a trained marketing professional.

Susanna Gebauer

(@dreckbaerfrau, 168K followers)

Do you want to grow your business for free? Do you need marketing advice, tips and tricks on how to navigate the social media quagmire as it is applied in content marketing? Then you need the help of Dr. Gebauer.

She is a published author who blogs about social media marketing, and is the co-founder of exploreB2B, a social platform where businesses can share news and information on marketing.

The best brands to follow on Twitter


(@Xbox, 11.5M followers)

This gaming giant has one of the world’s most-followed Twitter accounts. That shouldn’t come as a surprise as this Microsoft-owned brand makes some of the most-loved gaming platforms on the market today.

They are also well known for their support account, and for their high customer satisfaction rates. Xbox has reduced live service calls by tackling customer issues via the platform on @XboxSupport.

Marc Jacobs

(@MarcJacobs, 8.26M followers)

Marc Jacobs is the head designer for his renowned fashion label. His range of products cover the likes of clothing for the whole family, fragrances, accessories, bags, and wallets. The online success of this brand can be seen in the number of Twitter followers earned by the account.

The success of this company’s social media campaign, be it on Twitter or otherwise, should come as a surprise to you considering Jacobs once publicly disparaged its use. In an interview, Jacobs said he was “so appalled by the whole social media thing.” He has certainly made an impressive about-turn now!


(@HM, 8.41M followers)

This fashion house offers clothing for everyone in the family. But apart from making apparel, H&M seem to have realized the integral part social media platforms play in marketing strategies. They are proof that true global domination can really come with the help of platforms like Twitter.

A look at their tweets will instantly show you how images, branding, and product presentation play a vital role in the fashion industry. While some businesses might find it a bit too “forward” to push their products and services so boldly, H&M have found the optimal solution.

Rockstar Games

(@RockstarGames, 8.23M followers)

The makers of the Grand Theft Auto series are also prolific tweeters. The company is well known for releasing teasers and trailers whenever there is a new game in the works.

RG’s Twitter followers are usually made aware of a new releases whenever the company changes its profile image. Their social media people know how to create suspense and keep their followers coming back for more – both great social media marketing ploys.

Starbucks Coffee

(@Starbucks, 11.9M followers)

These people own Twitter just like they own the coffee market – like a boss. Even though they have such a huge number of followers, Starbucks has a long-standing tradition of engaging as much of them as they can. Back in 2012, the company famously made a record quarterly earning with the help of one-on-one customer engagement.

By following Starbuck’s Twitter account you will see how you can grow your Twitter account by directly interacting with your followers. Whether it is criticism, comments, or positive feedbacks, the company makes sure every single @mention gets the proper attention.


(@Android, 9.48M followers)

If you want to stay informed about everything regarding the world’s most-used open-source operating system, this is the account to follow. You will get news, tips, and tricks tweeted to you.

Right this moment, you are probably using a few gadgets or devices that run on Android. It couldn’t hurt you to know what lies under the hood. But, most importantly, you will be able to see how a software is sold to the world via social media platforms… for free.

Victoria’s Secret

(@VictoriasSecret, 10.6M followers)

Yes, Victoria’s Secret does have over 10 million followers. It also looks like all of their fans have a secret they share. What is widely known, though, is that the lingerie maker knows how to connect directly with its customers and followers. VS holds serious conversations via direct messaging, something that would delight any fan of the brand.

It really wouldn’t be a bad idea to start following them to find out what it is exactly that has made this Twitter account really lovable – apart from their racy products, that is.

Samsung Mobile

(@SamsungMobile, 12.1M followers)

Samsung has great products, and even greater mobile devices. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that they are on the list. But, what does makes them the best is the way they use Twitter. They simply know how to garner reactions from their followers.

Samsung didn’t manage to get to where it is today – number one in smartphone sales – by being weak in its social media marketing campaigns. You will definitely learn from the best by following this account.


(@PlayStation, 13.5M followers)

Do you think you should focus on their games instead up their Twitter account?. Proof that their twitter account should be taken seriously lies in the fact that they currently hold the record for the brand with the most followers.

A fact that makes PlayStation’s Twitter account worth following is that the company focuses more on gamers than its products. You will see how they cater to their products’ end-users and not driving purchases.


(@CHANEL, 12.8M followers)

Despite their worldwide fame, Chanel still took the time to build one of the most powerful Twitter marketing accounts around.

Chanel stumbled a little bit when they first started their twitter marketing, but they have since grown to be the second most followed brand on Twitter. They clearly show that it doesn’t matter how well your brand is doing on Twitter right now, it can grow if you follow the right tactics.

The best news accounts to follow on Twitter

CNN Breaking News

(@CNNBrk, 46.9M followers)

While most people are familiar with the main @CNN account, this is one of the best Twitter accounts to follow because it’s where the CNN Digital news team report breaking news.

Follow this account to get first hand news on all the scoops that this company has to offer, It could be just the thing that you need re-tweet and engage her audience.

The New York Times

(@NYTimes, 34.6M followers)

This is “Where conversation begins,” NYT boasts. They certainly do deliver on their slogan as is proven by the number of followers they have. Join in for breaking news, special reports, and RTs from their journalists.

This account is one of the best sources of news, both new and old, as the company has been around since 1851.


(@CNN, 32.8M followers)

CNN says it’s their job “to go there” and “tell the most difficult stories.” Well, you can find out all about it by following their account.

CNN uses this account to report news that has a bit of research behind it, not breaking news, and meet with their fans and followers.

ESPN Sports Center

(@SportsCenter, 31.5M followers)

If you want to find everything there is about sports, then this is the account for you. From the latest score, to an interview with last night’s star player, they have it.

You can follow the ESPN Sports Center to get the latest on game scores ranging from the NBA to March Madness.


(@ESPN, 30.98M followers)

Hop on to ESPN’s main Twitter account where you can get hold of their news reports.

Apart from the usual news, you can also stay informed about their sports human interest stories and documentaries. 30 for 30 is always a good documentary.

BBC Breaking News

(@BBCBreaking, 30.5M followers)

This is the BBC’s Twitter account to follow if you’re looking for breaking news alerts and updates from the British news company. They do focus more on events in the UK and Europe, but they do have a more global perspective now.

Arguably the most followed news company in the world, BBC Breaking News will certainly keep you informed about the world around you as events happening.

The Economist

(@TheEconomist, 19.5M followers)

The Economist shares “news and analysis with a global perspective” here. One of the most respected economic publications in the world, The Economist will address all your news needs from the financial world.

Although they have been using social media for only about three years, their social media team have become adept at listening to the needs of their followers and readers. You can learn a lot about quickly growing your account, especially after using Twitter Followers Service.

BBC News (World)

(@BBCWorld, 18.7M followers)

Another account from the BBC, this one was created to share news that occurs on the international level.

In-depth analysis, documentaries, live reports… you name it. This is a news account that never goes to sleep.

Reuters Top News

(@Reuters, 17M followers)

Reuters, another one of the leading news agencies in the world, shares breaking news, pictures and videos on this account.

With a motto that promises they will never report any falsehoods, Reuters can be your source of in-depth global investigative news.

The Huffington Post

(@HuffingtonPost, 9.7M)

The Huffington Post has been serving news in the form of online aggregation for over 12 years. What started out as a blog blew up to become one of the leading sources of online news. From the personal efforts of Arianna Huffington, and former AOL executive Kenneth Lerer, grew a massive website that commands almost 10 million followers today.

The Huff Post, as it is more affectionately known, has over the years won multiple awards including the 2012 Pulitzer Prize, two Webby Awards, and a Peabody Award. If you’re looking for inspiration, then this is certainly a company to dwell on. This certainly earns it a place as one of the best Twitter accounts relating to news.

The best celebrity Twitter accounts

Katy Perry

(@KatyPerry, 96.7M followers)

Katy Perry is the undisputed Queen of Twitter with the highest number of followers, period. If there is anyone you should be following to learn how it is done, Katy is your girl. Everything she does is aimed at fully engaging her fans. She talks about her music, her line of perfume, or simple random comments – whatever she does, she keeps people coming back for more.

No matter how you look at it, she rules Twitter.

Justin Bieber

(@JustinBieber, 92.8M followers)

Canada’s gift to the world, Bieber’s the second-most followed star on the platform. He has known how to manage his online presence ever since he was a kid. He used the Internet as he rose to fame, and it certainly helped with his works’ exposure.

Of course, he also uses Twitter for personal matters. Among many examples, the world will never forget the spat he had with his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez – right on Twitter.

Barack Obama

(@BarackObama, 86.4M followers)

President Barack Obama kept the world informed about personal and political affairs using this very popular account before he switched to the official POTUS account. While he hasn’t been that active since he left the White House, he has been able to maintain his follower numbers. Ever since that hilarious tweet he sent out when he first got on the social media platform, he has continued to hold a world captive to what he is about to say next…

… and he still does so today. If you want to know how tweeting is done by the leaders of the world, you would do well to get on board President Obama’s Twitter account.

Taylor Swift

(@TaylorSwift13, 84.1M followers)

America’s Sweetheart crooner knows how to share her art and thoughts on this platform. Before President Barack Obama leaped over her to become the third-most followed person on Twitter, TayTay used to hold that rank.

Taylor has not been very active on Twitter since January. This has a little something to do with the end of her recent touring cycle for her last album, and a little something to do with a recent spat with a Kardashian.


(@Rihanna, 70.8M followers)

The Barbadian beauty is one of the world’s most loved singers on Twitter. 70.8M followers can’t be wrong. It’s not just music she has mastered. While her Instagram account has certainly earned her Bad Gal RiRi status, her Twitter account is much more focused on marketing.

If you follow Rihanna’s account, you will probably pick up a tip or two on how to handle trolls and haters, all while some exceptional marketing gets done.

Ellen DeGeneres

(@TheEllenShow, 66.5M followers)

Ellen doesn’t only dominate the TV airwaves, she is also a Twitter expert. Her comedy is very alive on this platform too.

Incidentally, did you know that Ellen was responsible for the tweet that nearly broke the Internet? Yup! Her “If only Bradley’s arms were longer” tweet stands as the record holder for the most retweeted tweet ever.

Lady Gaga

(@LadyGaga, 65.8M followers)

Lady Gaga – she just knows how to push her sales numbers up. This powerful singer proved she could make money even when she wasn’t getting paid when she rappelled down from the roof of the NRG Stadium in Houston during the Super Bowl ‘17 halftime.

Although she didn’t get paid for her performance, Lady Gaga made sure she would soon have the money rolling in through her social media exposure and the announcement of an upcoming tour. Twitter went crazy for her.

Justin Timberlake

(@JTimberlake, 58.5M followers)

This child prodigy, singer, songwriter, and record producer is also great on his Twitter account, albeit not without his share of controversies either. The perfect showman, he knows how to handle all his fans including those on Twitter.

Timberlake’s performance of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” on the live broadcast of the 89th Academy Awards led to the singer topping both the Billboard and the Twitter Trending charts. Need we say more?

Britney Spears

(@BritneySpears, 51.8M followers)

Many had struck the “Oops!… I Did It Again” singer off of their list. She almost didn’t make it through her nervous breakdown. But did she make a bounce back. Apart from her music, she’s now taking her social media presence seriously too.

Her stars keep rising as she goes from strength to strength and keeps racking up her follower numbers. If there is a reason you should follow her account, it is to find out how you can rise up stronger no matter how hard you may have fallen.

Cristiano Ronaldo

(@Cristiano, 51M followers)

Thought to be one of the best soccer players in the world, Cristiano knows how to create the best image for himself. It looks like the art he has on the pitch is also reflected in the image he projects in his Twitter profile.


Cristiano has such a loyal Twitter following that when a bust of the soccer star was unveiled in an airport that was named after him they were up in arms. The reaction the artwork got was described in words that are too strong to even be mentioned on this blog.

The best influencer Twitter marketer accounts

Jeff Bullas

(@JeffBullas, 527K followers)

Out of all the Twitter influencers we will look at, Bullas was voted the #1 content marketing influencer in the world. That’s just the start of it. He’s won so many awards left and right that to list them alone would take up half a web page. No, seriously, it would!

The entrepreneur, blogger, author, marketer, and speaker is an online business expert. Bullas advises businesses like yours to optimize online brands with emerging technologies, content, social media technologies, and digital marketing.

Kim Garst

(@KimGarst, 525K followers)

Garst, a Forbes “Top 10 Social Media Influencer”, says she “helps people build, grow, and scale their business.” When she says business, she is actually talking about the likes of Microsoft, IBM, and Mastercard.

Apart from having one of the largest numbers of followers on the platform, Garst also happens to be one of the most tweeted amongst Twitter Influencers.

Pam Moore

(@PamMktgNut, 295K followers)

She is “50% mktg” and “50% geek” but is also the serious CEO of Marketing NutZ, and a social media marketing influencer.

Moore specializes in training and consulting. Her forte is social media, branding, and digital marketing. She advises everyone from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 brands in developing and implementing integrated digital marketing, social media, influencer, and content marketing programs that deliver measurable results.

Rebekah Radice

(@RebekahRadice, 96.3K followers)

Radice is a Forbes “Top 10 Social Media Influencer,” a writer at Huffington Post, and a Top 50 Marketing influencer. She is also a keynote speaker and has been featured on the likes of CBS and the NATO Leadership Summit.

If you are a business looking to learn how to use online marketing and social media strategically, while allowing you to maximize, prioritize, and monetize your online efforts, then Radice is the woman to follow.

Douglas Idugboe

(@DouglasI, 634K followers)

Douglas rules the digital marketing niche. He is a digital marketing and business optimization geek. He is an author who has a soft spot for technology’s impact on businesses.

Founder and Chief Editor of Smedio, Idugboe writes on topics related to core business marketing processes like customer relations, getting businesses through hard times, marketing for nonprofits, and the application of technology in businesses.

Seth Godin

(@ThisIsSethsBlog, 599K followers)

This guy needs no introduction. Godin has dominated the social media scene for many years. Almost all wise words that come up about the topic can be attributed to him – no lie.

Godin has authored 18 books (not just in English but in 35 other languages) that have become bestsellers. He writes and speaks about ideas in marketing, leadership, and changing the world around you.

Mari Smith

(@MariSmith, 522K followers)

Mari is a social media thought leader, a marketing expert, a globetrotting expert, and a respected digital marketing aficionado in her own rights.

Although she is known as the “Queen of Facebook” her domain ranges over all social media platforms as tools for entrepreneurs. She is, in fact, so good at what she does that Facebook hired and partnered with her as their leading Small Business and Marketing expert.

Joel Comm

(@JoelComm, 827K followers)

Another video marketing expert, Comm is also an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and an author who’s become a bestseller 12-times over. He is an Internet pioneering entrepreneur that made it to the top through his own efforts to become a Live Video Marketing expert.

Comm has proven he is an authority to follow through his work with tech giants like Google Hangouts and Crowdcast, to name a few. He has been building online businesses since 1995 and had a website when there were only 18,000 websites on the Internet. Talk about experience.

Susan Dolan

(@GoogleExpertUK, 469K followers)

Susan is the Twitter influencer to turn to when it comes to all things Google, SEO, and social media. She is also a public speaker. She was in Seattle when Google was born, and witnessed the initial steps of what would become a global phenomenon.

Dolan fell in love with social media, search engine optimization, and the Internet after attending seminars by tech celebrities like Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Erich Schmidt. She is one of the best Twitter accounts to follow if you want to learn how to rank on page 1 of SERPs and stay there permanently.

Richard Santoro

(@richysantoro, 450K followers)

Richard, an entrepreneur himself, shares his thoughts on digital strategy and is a growth hacker. He uses social media, online marketing, and SEO to help other businesses grow.

Whatever advice he has to give you comes from the vast experience he has in creating, running, and then selling his own business ventures. By following his tweets, you get the “hands on” of building a business from scratch.

The 50 best Twitter accounts to follow

These accounts have been chosen especially for you. They are the 50 best Twitter accounts to follow that you can truly learn from. You can follow them whether you are using Twitter for personal or business reasons. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, a doctor, or a lawyer – all professions can take lessons from these 50 accounts. The lessons include:

  • Be engaging
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Buy retweets
  • Be topical
  • Have a quality product/service to offer
  • Always aim to become an influencer
  • Use other platforms to lead traffic to your tweets

No one ever said tweeting would be easy. These people and companies reached these impressive numbers by sheer hard work. If you want to see your account featured among the 50 best Twitter accounts to follow, you will need to work hard too.