20 Interesting Twitter Accounts To Follow

There are hundreds of millions of active Twitter users. If you’re on the platform searching for accounts to follow, the statistics alone would make it appear to be a daunting task. Don’t be discouraged. We have compiled 20 interesting twitter accounts to follow into five categories:

  • Funny people
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Trivia and general knowledge
  • Sheer boredom
  • Life tips

Let’s find those entertaining Twitter accounts!

Funny people

Chuck Norris (@chuck_facts)


@Chuck_Facts is a parody account that tweets about the funny and fearsome antics of the legendary Chuck Norris. Some time in 2005, funny quotes about Norris’ unbeatable achievements started appearing on the Internet. No one knows who started the fad, but today his jokes make everyone laugh:

One of the most popular jokes from this account is:

Anna Kendrick (@AnnaKendrick47)


Did you know that, apart from a great acting and singing career, this beauty had a great sense of humor? She does! While she has starred in some drama movies, Kendrick is better remembered for her comical work in the likes of “Get a Job” (2016) and “The Hollars” (2017). What you won’t be able to forget are some of her hilarious tweets:

Her humor touches on every possible topic under the sky, including recent headline grabbers…

Steve Martin (@SteveMartinToGo)


No funny list of tweeters would be complete without this comedic genius being on it. Well, perhaps if Leslie Nielsen were alive, it would. But, alas. On a more serious note, Martin has been making us laugh for the better part of a half-a-century. In recent times, he’s started his own classes where he teaches standup comedy. His advice:

Apparently, some part of the course also includes how to do online promotion, something he is also proficient in:

Martin’s account is full of fun. Apart from his gags, you will be able to stay in touch with him regarding his music and other upcoming works.

Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds)


As if his “Deadpool” antics weren’t still tickling our ribs enough, Reynolds keeps the laughter going on via his Twitter account. If you choose to follow his account, be ready for some more of his darker jests…

The Canadian actor knows how to pull a joke out of nowhere. Whether it is about his work or his observations on people from L.A., he will make you have a giggle:

Oh, yeah – check out his long lasting trolling of Hugh Jackman and the Wolverine:

Have lots of fun hanging out with these funny guys on the list of interesting Twitter accounts to follow and you know you will never  end up having a bad day.


The people you are going to read about next are rich. If you have the aspirations and drive that they have, all you will need to do is follow them. You will learn how they went about making their fortunes and continue to put in crazy hours in their daily work schedules. If you follow them closely, you will notice they all have one thing in common – the love for, and pride in, what they do for a living.

Richard Branson (@richardbranson)


Branson’s life story alone would make an interesting read. But for the aspiring millionaires, following his Twitter account should give you further insight into his life. When a man, who made his billions through smart and innovative methods that were later copied by others, gives you advice you listen.

Branson often tweets articles that he himself has penned. If you really want to get into the entrepreneur’s psyche you will need to have a look at his tweets like:

Another great thing about Branson’s tweets is the nod he gives to other people who do exciting and admirable things. By sharing tweets about other people’s work, he shares his limelight and brings focus on their achievements.

If you’re going to follow any entrepreneur, Branson should be at the front of your choices.

Elon Musk (@elonmusk)


This guy just sent a rocket into space, recovered it, and is planning to do it over and over again. You have to follow him – he’s leading the space race.

If the space odyssey thing isn’t something you want to hear about, for some reason, then you will love his high tech innovation closer to earth – the Tesla range of electric cars. The popularity of these cars is quickly increasing, a fact he is proud of:

While his tweets are mostly about the technology which goes into his wonderful creations and the people who are behind the work, Elon does at times share some interesting trivia:

Follow him and keep up to date on the race to the stars while seeing renewable energy sources being put to optimal use down here on Earth.

Melissa Stewart (@MelissaOnline)


Founder of “She Owns It” – a blog aimed at helping women succeed and achieve their dreams – Melissa’s advice on Twitter is something both men and women would find interesting. She uses her Twitter account to share pearls of wisdom that will help you navigate the intricate world of business.

It’s not just the direct aspects of business that Melissa tweets about. She, and the people on her blog, have a broader outlook that takes all angles into consideration – health included:

Melissa’s retweets alone will serve as a gold mine of information for the serious-minded entrepreneur.

Neil Patel (@NeilPatel)


Neil Patel is the man to follow if you want to achieve online success. He has made it his life’s work to share wisdom on everything from SEO to traffic conversion. Neil is also the guy to follow if you’re struggling to create a blog that has a high ranking on Google’s SERPs.

Apart from SEO, Neil also offers advice on writing and achieving success as a freelancer. By following his tweets you should soon be able to own a respected blog or website.

The extensive article in the tweet above alone serves as a great example of how much you can learn from Neil. There are many more tweets where that came from which are equally informative  to any aspiring online entrepreneur.

The people in this part of the interesting Twitter accounts to follow are pretty much self-made movers and shakers in their respective jobs and industries. If you’re aiming to make it to the top, following all of them would certainly go a long way to enabling you to achieve your goals.

Trivia and general knowledge

Before you think of this category as being the odd one out, you should remember that knowledge is power. Whether you are an entrepreneur aiming to create the world’s best blog or you are the proud owner of an ecommerce website, knowing about the world around you will always serve as an advantage to you.

Fact Retriever (@factretriever)


Do you want to win Quiz Night at your favorite watering hole? The great thing about this general knowledge account is that it covers a wide area of topics. There are tweets about everything from pregnancy…

… to space and time. Well, sort of…

Don’t try this one at home…

Follow Fact Retriever and you will be looked upon as a mini-encyclopedia.

UberFacts (@UberFacts)


Kris Sanchez, the owner of this account, is perhaps one of the few people who managed to become a millionaire simply because he loved tweeting about random facts. While his personal rags-to-riches story may be exciting to read about, it is nothing compared to some of his tweets. For example, who would have thought…

If people have ever thought you were slowly losing it because you whispered to yourself as you worked at your desk, show this to them…

The list of interesting trivia tweets in UberFacts just goes on and on. You would be very smart to follow this guy.

Fun Facts (@FunFacts)


Although the name has “fun” in it, you’d be surprised at the amount of useful-ish information you can get from this account. This tweet could be the perfect conversation starter on a rainy day…

Most of Fun Facts’ tweets are one-liners. It makes it a bit easier to digest…

What The F*** Facts (@WhatTheFFacts)


If you’re up for rapid-fire random facts that will make you go “Hmmm…” then this is the account to go for. For example, do you like avocados? Do you also love animals? If you’re wondering what the two questions have in common, here’s the answer:

The next time you are “hangry”, be careful where you throw your leftover avocados. That wasn’t a typo – it is an actual word:

So far, no one has figured out what the “F***” in the handle stands for. Watch this space for updates.

Even if you weren’t to apply all the knowledge you get from this group of interesting Twitter accounts to follow, you will have to admit learning about random facts is quite fun. Follow an account here and keep expanding your wisdom. Be careful though, many people hate know-it-alls.

Sheer boredom

Unfortunately, life isn’t always jokes and smiles. Sometimes you get bored. Lucky for you, you don’t have to stay bored on your own. The accounts in this group will even help you get over it. At the very least, they will make you realize that your case isn’t really too bad and help you snap out of it.

anti joke apple (@antijokeapple)


This guy is a genius with making jokes that you can’t help laughing at. You know it’s lame, boring, and back to lame again. But, you’re still going to giggle.

Then there are times when he truly touches on topic we have all experienced. Like a bad day:

Boring James Milner (@BoringMilner)


You might find it a bit surprising that James Milner, a professional footballer in the English Premier League team Liverpool, could bring you to tears with his tweeting.

He’s so boring and annoying that you can’t help but laugh. Recently, Liverpool fans were up in arms demanding team boss Jurgen Klopp’s resignation following a spate of poor League performance. Look what Milner did:

Big Ben (@Big_Ben_Clock)


Do you need a twitter account that goes “Bong” for every hour on the hour? Well, you got it. It is 6 o’clock as I write this. So…

Guess what you can expect at 12 o’clock? Give up? It’s easy…

If you close your eyes, you can actually hear the reverberation of each “bong”. No? Then maybe you should read some more of Big Ben’s tweets until you do.

Carrot Facts (@RealCarrotFacts)


Everything you need to know about anything even remotely related to carrots is in this account. You have to try it to believe it. But first, to make sure you know what a carrot is:

Apart from eating them, you can use carrots for many other purposes except for…

There are also lessons to be learned and warnings you need to heed. Like this one…

In this group of interesting Twitter accounts to follow, you have seen that good can come from something that is bad. So does that make it good? Let us know by following them.

Life tips

Everyone can do with a friend or two. If you’re the kind of person that needs a few encouraging words every now and then to get your chin back up, then the people in this category are the ones you need to follow. They offer tips and advice on how to handle various everyday issues that we all encounter. Have a look:

Louise Hay (@LouiseHay)


Louise is an author of motivational books and is a staunch follower of the New Thought movement. She believes that positive thinking can help with resolving physical and material issues. This belief is clear in her tweets:

Louise sends out tweets that will help make you feel good about yourself and about loving others as a way of helping yourself.

She also shares links to posts on her main website where you can read more about living a full and healthy life.

Idil Ahmed


Idil is a self-made millionaire who made her fortune online. She is also the author “Getting Out Of Your Way”, a motivational mini-book that will help you conquer your fears and work so you can live the way you want to. She advises her followers on how to just “let go” and win.

Idil reminds you that life is all about balance. While you will need to work hard to get ahead, she warns you need to make sure you have you your priorities figured out.

If you find people don’t like the new you, that you will surely transform into once you start following her, simply quote:

Deepak Chopra (@DeepakChopra)


This guy needs no introduction. He’s been around for many years. He is an alternative medicine and New Age believer. While Deepak has led a life that has both been praised by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and criticized by his critics for being a fraud, one thing can’t be denied. He has a way with words of wisdom that will always make you think harder about your health and life. You can learn a lot from his tweeted videos:

If you’re looking to go deep into yourself to find the answer to some of life’s basic questions, you will have found a home in Deepak’s channel.

Here too, in this selection of interesting Twitter accounts to follow, we see that you are spoilt for choices. These are some of the smartest people you will ever meet and they share their words of wisdom with you – for free. You would be wise to take them up on their offer and follow them.

20 Interesting Twitter Accounts To Follow

These 20 interesting Twitter accounts to follow will give you many hours of fun, education, and sheer boredom, While they may all look unrelated, upon closer inspection you will find that they are all good at getting their accounts noticed. Whether they make you laugh, teach you about life, or simply annoy you, they have all grabbed your attention. That is the result of smart online SEO tactics. This means, if you want to get noticed on Twitter you will need to create an account that will send tweets that are:

  • Funny: Smart marketers use humor to get their message across.
  • Entrepreneurial: Everyone wants to know how own a business and succeed in it.
  • Informative: We are curious by nature and most of us love to learn about new things.
  • Entertaining: Even when you are bored you are still a potential candidate for any marketing pitches.
  • Life tips: These are perhaps the most sought after tweets because they help people. Your followers will be captive audiences.

If you are a tweeter yourself and your account and content falls in either one of these categories, you will now know who to follow and learn from. As a matter of fact, anyone would gain from following them all – do it.